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Vehicle Trackers – GPS Versus GSM

Adrian Mudd   May 5, 2010

Everybody has heard of GPS vehicle trackers, but many potential buyers consider the option of purchasing a GSM tracker. Here we take a look at both systems and give an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Vehicle Trackers – Accuracy Versus Price

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Before the time when GPS Vehicle Trackers could be magnetically deployed right underneath a car there was another option that provided the possibility of covertly tracking a vehicle. GSM Trackers have been around for many years. This type of tracking device relies on triangulation of relative signal strength that a GSM unit is in relation to nearby phone masts. Accuracy of this system varies dependent upon the density of mobile phone masts in the given area and as such can vary from giving a location area of a number of streets up to a possible location radius of several miles.

Vehicle trackers of this type are relatively cheap, but ongoing tracking costs can soon mount up. This type of system relies on the use of 3rd party GSM tracking platform and there is no facility to be able to store or review historical data. GSM Trackers only need to have a GSM signal to operate whereby GPS vehicle trackers do need to be able to top maintain a GPS signal as well.

GPS Vehicle Trackers initially cost far more when it comes to the initial outlay. Generally there is annual subscription to tracking platforms and ongoing costs for the facility to be able to get locational data every fifteen to thirty seconds.

The pay off is the fact that GPS systems provide exceptionally accurate locational data and with dedicated comprehensive tracking platforms, historical data is available for analysis in numerous formats thereby delivering a more usable system.

GPS systems under development and technological progress is moving at a faster rate in relation to GPS tracking whereas GSM tracking technology has barely changed in recent years, albeit with more masts being built, GSM coverage is improving year on year.

GPS Vehicle Trackers are Outstanding

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There is still an argument for a tracking system where accuracy is not such an issue and initial outlay is low. Of course this would still only prove to be a valuable option if the odd singular occasional location is required; however, if you need accurate up to the minute locational data over an extended period of time with the option of full historical data record, then GPS vehicle trackers provide the only real option.

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