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We Bring you our New and Improved Vehicle Trackers

Adrian Mudd   February 20, 2009

Since starting life as a Private Investigator in April 2000, I was constantly asked for various types of tracking device. What were once pie-in-the-sky requests are now today’s reality.

Requests from Clients ranged from a tracking device to place under a vehicle to a small enough piece of equipment that could be concealed in a persons clothing. Since the 1970’s any major film release with Spy connotations would include the use of incredibly small tracking devices and as a result, the Publics’ belief has been that this type of equipment was available if you knew where to look or who to ask.

Vehicle Tracker Improvement

Up until the advent of GPS Tracking, any devices relied upon the use of Radio Frequency transmitting devices in conjunction with a Receiver to give a location position based on signal strength and direction. GPS Trackers for the commercial fleet sector brought vehicle tracking into a new dimension of accuracy, but with advances in technology units have now become more sensitive, versatile and at the same time, substantially smaller.

In 2005 the first proper ‘under-vehicle’ magnetic device was commercially available at a price in the region of £5000.00 including mapping software. In the latter part of 2006 a much more affordable ‘under-vehicle’ tracking solution was released and although fairly crude, it brought covert trackers to a much wider audience. Since this time, further advances in GPS, GSM, Computer and Battery Technology have resulted in smaller, more powerful devices coupled to incredibly comprehensive Web-based consoles.

What We Now Offer

Spy Equipment UK’s TracWolf Advance has just been upgraded with a new more powerful Battery Pack giving, on average, between five and six weeks of tracking between recharges, yet still maintaining live updates every 15 seconds when on the move. And coupled to our cutting-edge tracking platform, there really is nothing else available to beat it on performance and value.