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Voice Recorder – Small But Powerful

Adrian Mudd   May 7, 2013

Voice recorders come in various shapes and sizes, but size for this type of device does not determine its power to change lives. A small voice recorder can be very powerful! Here, we look at tackling the criminal with the lowly voice recording device.

How would you use a voice recorder if you had one? The insanely jealous just might consider using a sound activated or more specifically a voice activated recorder. People associating with the insanely jealous say friends or relatives or partners may decide that buying their own voice recorder is also a good idea. After all they will need evidence of unreasonable behaviour in cases of divorce or in the unhappy situation of proof being necessary to evidence a crime or criminal intent. The latest round of investigations into uses for the voice recorder shows some interesting and diverse results. More specifically the achievement of excellent outcomes can be the difference between a life which is lived well and one which is lived in utter misery.

Is A Voice Recorder History Repeating Itself?

On a small town estate the residents were plagued day and night by a gang of small children. Yes, small children. Their parents were so busy drinking and running their illegal drug business that the unfortunate youngsters were allowed to run wild and in point of fact had become feral. They threw stones at windows, used profanities that would make a hardened criminal blush and chased cars down the street throwing bricks and verbally abusing the drivers.

This sounds completely ridiculous and even highly amusing but it was not so for neighbours who lived in fear of the adults. The youngsters had been taught by their parents and older siblings that the law could not touch them, therefore, they ran wild. The family clearly had friends in different places. This was demonstrated by them always seeming to know whenever a raid by local authorities was about to be carried out although the fact that the authorities met up around the corner before performing a swoop probably did not help.

Crime; Then and Now

Neighbours would regularly see the family running down the street with dozens of bags of stolen goods to place them in the home of some nefarious individual with whom they were friends knowing that the second property could not be raided without appropriate authorisation. These criminals could quote their rights chapter and verse and they used it to good effect.

It is hard to tackle such problems but history shows us that the biggest criminals are caught by the smallest fish. For instance the gangster known as Al Capone was eventually brought to book through a simple but cardinal rule. Capone successfully ran his illegal trade through either bribery or extreme use of force not forgetting blackmail. Of course in those days the voice recorder was in its infancy compared to those in use today.

mains socket voice recorder on the angle

So you are now wondering how this frightening situation was resolved and what piece of legislation was used to bring about control of this criminal fraternity. You may also be wondering how the local residents helped authorities to deal with the situation. It takes teamwork and sometimes a little help from a device such as a voice recorder. Contact us to discuss our small voice recorders in detail.