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Voice Recorders – Make Them Work For You

Adrian Mudd   July 16, 2009

The Digital Age has seen the advent of some very sophisticated equipment that would be the pride of every good spy. Voice Recorders have been around for many years although originally they were huge “€˜Reel to Reel€” tape machines that could not be deemed as being portable. Initially these machines were used by Government Agencies to spy activities of other Governments and regimes that posed a threat to national security. The 1970’s saw the advent of commercially available Cassette Tape Recorders and these are still available today. The microprocessor has given birth to a digital revolution. Digital Recorders have a versatility that tapes never had and now are able to store vast amounts of voice recordings.

Most commercially available Digital Recorders are designed to be used as Dictaphone’s with the microphone technology being sufficient for this purpose. Here at Spy Equipment UK we use enhanced microphone technology so that our Digital Recorders can be used in a variety of situations. Our Digital Recorders come with varying capacities ranging from 16 hours to 280 hours. All have voice activations and all are supplied with a Covert Microphone. This enables the Recorder to be secretly hidden away making discrete recording possible. It is possible to hide the Digital Recorder behind a set of drawers, a cabinet or something similar, but have the covert microphone, which is very small placed in a semi-exposed position, thereby not alerting attention. With the Digital Recorder used in this way, then recording voice/noise in a fairly large room will give excellent results. Other customers have used these recorders hidden away inside a car behind the Drivers side “€˜A”™ Pillar with the Microphone just semi-exposed from the headlining. This method has given fabulous results and with Lithium Batteries inside the recorder can stay active for several days. Add the facts that we can provide Mains Power Adapters and Landline Telephone Recording Adapters for the 16, 32 and 280 hour Recorders and you can see you have versatile surveillance tool.

Versatile Spy Voice Recording Devices

Talking of versatile surveillance tools. When it comes to Voice Recorders, Spy Equipment UK has the very latest range of Bespoke Digital Voice Recorders. Our Flash Drive Voice Recorder can also be used to store computer files, but its secret is that it can record high quality audio in a variety of situations. Have it on your keys, around your neck, leave it on your desk. One customer reported that he left his in his Laptop Case recording and the device still picked up the conversation in the room even though it was hidden away. Our Voice Activated Pen Recorder is a very nice working ballpoint pen, yet so simple to set it recording. Wear it in your top pocket, record whilst using it as a pen, leave it on the side set for voice activation, or put it in the Pen Holder on your desk. Our Watch Voice Recorder can be worn on the wrist and is ideal for meetings or recording an interview discreetly. One of our customers got her boy to wear the Watch to School to gather evidence to prove a bullying problem.

All in all voice recorders are one of the most important tools in the armoury of the DIY Detective where recording of noise or voice in discreet situations is essential.