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Watch Out For Big Brother’s Little Brother

Adrian Mudd   September 25, 2009

When Big Brother arrived on the UK’s TV screen, it really caused a stir. Here we examine how the latest in spy technology could be adding to us being in a total surveillance society. Just over ten years ago Big Brother arrived in the UK in a blase of publicity. The concept caused a storm and half the nation was glued to their sets immersed in this fly-on-the-wall reality extravaganza. Of course, Big Brother was the phrase coined by George Orwell in his book 1984 that played out a total surveillance society. It was a dark vision, but are we getting any closer to it in reality?

Are Spy Gadgets Causing A Big Brother Surveillance Society?

Many would claim that we have reached that stage already, but in fairness, we are not quite there yet. The camera is being used to keep controls on our society, to combat crime and at times to assist us in our daily business. Everybody is aware of CCTV cameras, speed cameras, traffic management cameras and even bus lane cameras, but there is a concealed threat – the spy camera. Spy cameras are built into everyday objects that we call spy gadgets. They are unobtrusive, but this does not mean that they are less powerful. This technology can be purchased by anybody. There are no restrictions on who can buy them and with costs of production falling, incredibly sophisticated systems are making their way swiftly to the consumer.

Hidden Surveillance Recording Evidence

What this means is that anybody in any situation could have recording devices or spy cameras capturing video and audio without the knowledge or permission of those present. Nobody would suspect because the cameras and microphones are built into everyday objects that do not look out of place. At work, in the classroom, at the local pub, at the betting shop and an in fact almost anywhere, at any time, there is the potential for us all to be under surveillance by sophisticated spy gadgets.

It all sounds very frightening, but in reality, we are under surveillance from discreet CCTV cameras anyway. They are throughout most city and town centres, in shops and businesses across the UK and in fact the globe. Most of us do not take any notice of them, but spy gadgets can also be used very easily in private without authority. Big Brothers little Brother has arrived in the form of the super sleuth spy gear.

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