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Why You Need Counter Surveillance Now!

Adrian Mudd   June 27, 2014

In the face of Edward Snowden’s leaked CIA documentation, Google Maps developing more detailed real-time images and mass surveillance via social media being claimed legal, an increasing number of customers are contacting us for advice on protecting their privacy against those who may use technology associated with these stories to spy on them. Here we delve into these issues and suggest how our counter surveillance tools can assist in keeping you safe.

Keeping Safe with Counter Surveillance

Surveillance is a necessary element of modern society, it protects us from crime and danger, which is why Spy Equipment UK is dedicated to empowering the public to use spy cameras and other surveillance equipment to ensure their safety. However, if you are worried that someone is spying on you, it is understandable that you may feel the need for proof of your security. Unfortunately, not everyone uses spy methods ethically, so counter surveillance equipment is absolutely essential if you want to maintain your privacy in a world where powerful tools like Google Maps are available for anyone to use.

“This is Not a Surveillance State”, But Who Can Spy?

This week, Home Secretary Theresa May claimed that the UK is “not a surveillance state”, and that there is no counter surveillance camerasgovernment programme of mass surveillance. But recent stories surrounding Edward Snowden’s revelations and GCHQ comments have caused concern for many over who is watching them, and why.

Privacy campaigners accused surveillance agency GCHQ of using “unlawful hacking” methods to “spy” on citizens, after Snowden released documents from his time as a member of the CIA. However, May claimed surveillance was only ever used when “necessary and proportionate” to threats facing UK national security.

Of course, a certain level of surveillance is necessary to keep UK citizens safe, and agencies such as GCHQ are absolutely imperative in protecting our national security, but it is understandable that the recent discussion around this subject is making more people worry about the technology and intelligence available to individuals who may wish to spy on them.

Is Google Maps watching you?

Google Maps is great for helping you plan journeys, work out where you are, or even dream about your next holiday destination. Many police officers, detectives and secret agents use Google Maps to determine the location of suspects in solving investigations. This is an integral part of protecting our safety on a daily basis

However, as Google has recently bought Skybox, which provides HD quality real-time video, the detail of the map and street view are set to improve dramatically. This means that users will be able to see individual features, such as, an example suggests, the items on a work desk. This is great for corporations, such as food produce investors being able to predict the value of products why inspecting the country’s farmland.

But could this be misused? Regular users will be able to access this live detail, too. How would you feel knowing that someone could be watching you in HD simply by using Google Maps? This is now a very real prospect, and so is sparking concern in many individuals who are worries about the easy-access nature of Google Maps to those who may wish to track their movements. If people begin to be able to spy via simple internet sites, they may be encouraged to use other methods such as bugs. More than ever, counter-surveillance with products such as bug detectors is becoming a must for those with these concerns in order to keep track of who might be watching them and protect their privacy.

Social Media Mass Surveillance is Legal, and Scary

Many of us have been aware for some time that search engines such as Google use our searches and data to find out information about us and tailor their adverts to our interests. However, the full extent to which government surveillance agencies are able by law to track our social media usage has been revealed recently, and it has shocked many.

Charles Farr, senior UK security official, has given a statement in which he explained that the government was entitled to legally monitor searched on many social media platforms, as well as email messages to or from non-British citizens abroad, with the intention of logging “external communications” to keep the country safe. This does not require a warrant and can happen without the person being tracked having any knowledge of it.

Companies such as Google have assured customers that their disclose information to the government carefully and within the restrictions of the law, however, some web users are concerned about the avenues this kind of online surveillance opens up.

Who exactly can watch what you are doing on social media? Many hackers can, and have, watched unsuspecting internet users and consequently violated their privacy via bank accounts and social media profiles. It is therefore understandable that many people are turning to computer counter-surveillance to keep an eye on when they are being watched.

Although they won’t have the same access as the government, the general public are becoming more skilled at accessing information through social media, be it by unethically hacking into another’s account or simply trawling through the masses of information we share on the web. Whether you want to keep an eye on those you may believe are watching you online, or simply log an employee of partner’s social media use yourself, PC monitoring is a must in 2014.

Use Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Devices Legitimately

When surveillance is used for legitimate reasons, it is a useful and essential tool in maintaining our safety. However, if you have any concerns that someone is using data and methods becoming increasingly available as the years pass to watch you, counter surveillance can assure your peace of mind and protect your privacy. Contact us if you wish to learn more about this and for advice on how to use our counter surveillance devices.