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UHF Room Bugs

Please Note: All of the above UHF Room Bugs are for export outside the EU only. When placing an Order you will only be able to select a shipping address outside the EU

This section contains a range of professional UHF transmitters that can be used for remote monitoring or listening-in of a room environment.

Small Room Bugs

UHF Transmitters fall into a category of spy devices that are commonly known as 'bugs' and of course those used for monitoring a room environment are found in this section

The devices themselves are produced as stand-alone bugs, which of course are required to be hidden away inside a room. These products are, by their nature very small, so it should not take much effort to tuck them away to enable discreet room monitoring. On the other hand, Spy Equipment UK has also produced a range of UHF transmitters that have been cleverly incorporated into everyday items, including a pen, a clock and a computer mouse, so that it will not be apparent that there is any type of listening device in the room environment

UHF transmission equipment does not offer secure communication and only offers a room monitoring remote listening facility from a few hundred metres away, but unlike GSM technology, there are no network charges for the facility and because of this room monitoring over a protracted period of time is made possible and affordable. Also by adding a recorder at the receiving end, unmanned room monitoring is made possible

If you are looking for professional, reliable and time-served room eavesdropping solution and you are located outside the EU, then the UHF room bugs section should certainly give food for thought

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