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A Surveillance Revolution

Adrian Mudd   September 22, 2009

It is perfectly conceivable that over the next few years you will find spy gadgets in almost every household in the UK. What was once a specialist area has now been made more accessible to all. The UK spy equipment marketplace has seen a shift in the last few years. There was once a time that spy and surveillance equipment was a very specialist area and there were very few self-contained spy solutions available.

Surveillance Gadgets Increase Their Market Share

Previously, operation and/or installation of the surveillance equipment required expertise and experience. In the last few years, a new name has come to the fore of the spy market. Spy gadgets seems to be the new buzz phrase of the industry

Surveillance has increased the market share of the spy industry. Rapid advances in electronic technological knowhow and reduced manufacturing costs in the ‘Far East’ has resulted in an ever increasing number of all-in-one spy equipment solutions being brought into the spy arena. Spy stuff that would have seemed almost impossible several years ago are available at fantastic prices that most consumers can afford.

What Does the Future Hold?

The advent of the mobile phone has meant a new breed of global listening devices. GSM listening Bugs, as this spy equipment is called, are getting smaller and more powerful. The miniaturisation of GSM modules now means that they can be built into working power adaptors thereby combatting power issues. However, probably the biggest growth area for spy gadgets is in the spy camera sector. Spy cameras are now built into so many everyday objects including car key fobs, cigarette lighters, pens, identity badges and many more. These very slick surveillance gadgets contain a camera and recording system in one, giving incredible versatility.

The latest spy gadgets are simple to operate and require no specialist knowledge, so they are attractive to a much larger audience and this, of course, ensures a bigger market share for this type of spy stuff. Spy solutions, in general, have become far more sophisticated, but it seems that spy gadgets are definitely here to stay.