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Best Tools In The Trade For Mystery Shoppers

Adrian Mudd   October 4, 2013

Mystery shoppers are used widely for a variety of reasons. They go undercover, acting as an everyday customer to assess a company’s quality and service but also to check they are following regulations, sometimes with a spy camera attached to their clothes. Many watchdog authorities, such as trading standards, employ mystery shoppers to make sure that stores are operating within the law. In order for the mystery shopper to provide detailed reports and evidence to back up their findings, they often use specialist mystery shopper equipment to record footage of their trips.

At Spy Equipment UK we have various ranges of equipment that is ideal for mystery shoppers to use to capture all they need.

The Spy Camera Disguised As a Button

This spy camera package offers the perfect solution to evidence gathering. This top of the range equipment includes a camera which can be cleverly disguised as a button or even a screw. You can place it anywhere without it being noticed at all, allowing you to move freely without arousing suspicion. This package comes complete with a wired remote so that you can control the camera from anywhere. You can place the remote into a handbag, purse or simply your pocket so that you can quickly activate the camera whenever you need to.

As well as recording video footage, this amazing hidden device can also take still photos of anything you need and can again be controlled from your wireless remote control. You will also receive a high quality microphone which can be worn underneath your clothing to record the sound needed.

The Button Camera Ultimate Package is by far one of the best mystery shopper tools on the market.

The Cap Camera Ultimate Package

This package is by far one the most advanced mystery shopper packages on the market. Combining our top of the range HD Cameras with one of our high quality MP4 video recorders will give any mystery shopper the ability to easily record everything exactly as they see it.

This package is of law enforcement grade and makes light work of being a mystery shopper. The video recorder is supplied with a remote control to make the use of the product simple. It has a long battery life, giving you more than enough time to capture the footage you need.

The Cap Camera Ultimate Package has a high quality microphone for sound, time and date stamping pre-record, motion detection as well as full password protection for all logs. Find more body worn spy cameras via our dedicated spy camera section.