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Car Key Fob – The Perfect Covert Audio Recorder

Adrian Mudd   November 8, 2010

Here at Spy Equipment UK, we are always adding new products to our line-up and the latest comes in the form of a sophisticated and easy to use audio recorder. These types of devices, or as they are more commonly known Voice Recorders, are as popular as ever.

Our latest product makes choosing a discreet audio recording product less of a dilemma because they are so powerful and so well disguised.

An Addition to our Audio Recorder range

Take a look at our latest addition to the range, the Car Key Voice Recorder, which is a superb audio recording device built into a Car Key. The product is so well crafted that even when it is in the hand of a suspicious person, there are no obvious give-aways that would indicate that the key fob is anything other than a standard key fob remote control. Yet this audio recording device has a pick up radius of at least seven metres has auto gain control and records onto an internal memory with the fantastical clarity that you would expect from a professional audio surveillance tool. The product is supplied with an earphone so that recordings can be played back instantly and a USB cable that enables the recorded audio files to be played back on any PC.

The unit features a rechargeable internal battery that can give a total standby time of 50 hours, but a voice activated working time in reality of in excess of 15 hours. The internal memory storage has a capability of up to 18 hours, so with voice activation, you will make the best use of the space available.

Listening Devices that get Results

Leave it in a car door pocket, under a car seat, on top of a cupboard, hanging on a set of keys or even in a desk tray. There are so many options for voice recorders with this product that it really is down to use of your own imagination how many different scenarios this device can be effectively used in. we have already had excellent feedback from satisfied customers about this product, so if you are looking for a professional quality covert audio recording device that is perfectly disguised then the Car Key Recorder is well worth considering. Head to our dedicated and complete listening devices page to learn of all products we provide in this range.