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Exclusive Survey Explores Theft in the Workplace

Adrian Mudd   January 29, 2009

More than three-quarters of UK employees have stolen from their current or previous employer, a study has found.

The survey conducted by a UK- based private investigator, found that individuals steal an average of 920 GBP worth of items throughout their working life, costing the economy nearly 432m GBP each year. Among the stolen items detailed were large sums of cash, furniture and computer equipment. Stationery was not included in the study.

Read What the Statistics State

Even from the 22% who said they have not stolen anything, 57% said they would if they thought they would get away with it. The biggest deterrent is video monitoring, with 38% saying this would stop them. Companies originally thought that overt CCTV was the answer, but although a deterrent in some areas, covert camera installations were found to be the most effective in catching the offenders.

Here’s The Solution

The beauty of adding Covert Cameras (also known as pinhole cameras) is that they can quite often be added on to existing systems and even if installed in a stand-alone situation, because there will invariably be ‘CCTV in Operation’™ signs already, then there is no legal requirement to post additional signs that would alert the potential thief to their presence.

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