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Computer Monitoring With a Twist

Adrian Mudd   March 11, 2012

Any computer monitoring device should ideally fit into the environment in which it is placed otherwise suspicions will be raised. The new Mouse Listening Bug perfectly fits this criteria.

When we hear about computer monitoring devices we generally think of key loggers or spy software that is loaded on to the computer to monitor the activity of the user. Here at Spy Equipment UK we have approached the subject from a whole new perspective by creating a GSM listening device that is built inside a fully functional computer mouse.

Computer Monitoring in High Demand

Computers have become an integral part of the majority of households. Often the desktop PC is located at the heart of the house, in the living room, which is more often than not the focal point of audio surveillance and PC Monitoring requirements. The idea that a computer user would literally be holding a listening bug ‘in their hand’ without knowing is sure to bring a wry smile to the face of the person who placed it there.

I hear some shouting out that this is all very well, but what happens when the computer is switched off? Well, we have thought of that as well, because not only can the device take power from the PC’s USB port, but as a back up it also has a lithium rechargeable battery inside, so switching the computer power off or using the Listening Mouse as a stand-alone item will prove equally as effective.

You may ask what type of things should you be listening out for when somebody is using the computer, with a PC monitoring device? Well, many computer users will use Skype, MSN chat and some will chat on webcam. So, if you are using the Mouse Bug to listen in to what somebody is saying whilst on the computer or whether you are accessing conversations from the room environment itself, the new GSM Black Box Listening Bug is certain to prove a real hit. Contact us to learn more about our computer monitoring services and to talk about the products that we can provide worldwide today.