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Field Spy Camera (GSM version)

Adrian Mudd   May 31, 2011

After the success of our Field Outdoor Spy Camera System, and in particular our HD Field Spy – Outdoor/Game Camera, we have constantly been asked for a version that will communicate movement and imagery from the cited located to the device controller. The main use for the Field Spy unit, apart from being used for wildlife monitoring is deployment in remote locations to capture events in the countryside that may be of a criminal nature. These locations cannot be covered by CCTV in a normal manner because of a lack of local electricity, so a self-contained battery powered solution is always required.

Advancements to This Particular Spy Camera

In the near future, we expect the arrival of the GSM version. This unit will have similar video and photographic capabilities to the Field Spy, but in addition, will be able to transmit imagery to a mobile phone. This will enable the receiver to make decisions in relation to what is happening at the location where the unit is located and if necessary, respond accordingly.

We do not yet have an arrival date, but expect that we will get our first unit in a matter of weeks. Expect a price that is a little higher than the standard unit, but still reasonably affordable. Contact us to learn more about the product that we have mentioned here, our spy camera range in general or the pending enhanced version of this highly popular product that we provide. We will be more than happy to provide you with any info that you may need or to point you to the most appropriate product of ours. Our spy camera range is evolving and as the main distributor of spy equipment in the UK, we are always leading the way in our industry. Speak to us and browse our Outdoor Spy Camera range!