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Released Forensic Data Recovery

Adrian Mudd   May 9, 2008

Spy Equipment UK is just building the new Forensic Data Recovery section, which is proving a hit.

Up until 6 months ago, Spy Equipment UK was only able to offer a very limited product that could be classified as a forensic recovery. Commonly known as the Deleted Text Reader, this little device proved extremely popular over about a four year period, although certainly in the last year it’s popularity had certainly waned. The device is used to recover deleted SMS messages that could be retrieved from a phone SIM card. However, the introduction of modern phones with large onboard memory meant that reliance on the SIM as a memory storage area for texts had been drastically reduced.

Our Data Recovery Products

Spy Equipment UK looked at new ways to retrieve deleted information from mobile phones and as a result links were formed with US forensic recovery specialist Paraben. As a result, Spy equipment UK became UK distributor for Paraben’s retail sector data recovery products. First came the iRecovery Stick for iPhone as it is also commonly known. This software enables recovery of massive amounts of currently and deleted data from all versions of Apple’s iPhone.

Next came the Chat Recovery Stick and The Porn Detection Stick. The Chat Stick is designed to recover chat history in many formats from Windows PC’s and the Porn Stick is designed to pull any flesh coloured images from Windows PC’s thereby potentially uncovering Pornographic images even when they have just been cached or actually deleted.

The Future of Forensics

Next in the Forensic Data Recovery range will be a software that can recover deleted data from all types of memory including hard drives, USB drives, memory cards and digital cameras. The software can recover deleted data from images in most formats, MS Office documents, Open Office documents and even PDF, RTF and even HTML. On top of this little gem is the soon to arrive recovery stick for Android phones. As Paraben make more software releases, the Spy Equipment UK will be sure to head the UK market in forensic data recovery