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GSM Bug Defines The Future Of Listening Devices

Adrian Mudd   January 2, 2012

Over the last five years listening devices have evolved tremendously. GSM Bugs (infinity bugs) were new technology back then, but now they have become the listening device of choice for numerous reasons.

The speed at which technology marches on is evident in everyday life. Feature-loaded new electronic gadgets fill all of our lives. Electronics are becoming more sophisticated and ever smaller at the same time. Compare a new mobile phone from 5 years ago with the latest new-to-the-market offerings and you will find an astounding difference. Worldwide volume sales of all gadgets drive the demand and the thirst for new innovative technology has not experienced a slow-down despite a global recession.

The Progression of GSM Bugs & Listening Devices

In the world of listening devices, demand has also risen. Going back a number of years, if you were to ask a typical customer what they would like a spy gadget to be able to do and they would have made requests for features that simply were not possible. Pose the same question to today’s demanding customer and you would find that required product features would again be somewhat of a James Bond fantasy. In reality, the requirements of those demanding customers from yesteryear have been already met by the technological advances of the last few years.

The most advanced listening devices and GSM Bugs from five years ago were a little bigger than a credit card albeit as thick as your finger. Audio quality, listening radius and battery life, although seemingly incredible at the time, would in modern-day terms be well below par. The latest device offered by Spy Equipment UK does not disappoint in any area. The GSM Invader is a €˜black box’ stand-alone battery powered bug whose dimensions seem to defy logic, yet it offers a standby time of up to 9 days and a listening-in time of up to 9 hours. Add onto this a listening radius of about 8 metres and a remote-controlled voice activation facility and it is not hard to see why the GSM Invader has proved such a winner. Other GSM products in our listening devices range include the GSM PIR Sensor Bug and the amazing GSM Car Bug.

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