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GSM Bugs – The Low-Down

Adrian Mudd   July 26, 2009

GSM Bugs are a relatively new tool in the modern Spy’s toolbox, but what a great addition they have become. GSM Bugs, also known as Infinity Bugs and Spy Phone Bugs have really only made their presence felt in the Spy market in the last four years. As the name suggests, these devices are based around mobile phone technology. Essentially, the stand-alone GSM Bugs are modern mobile phones with the screen, buttons and other non-essential parts stripped away providing a very compact unit with a sensitive microphone and often specialist operating software.

These units are world-wide listening tools, whereas previously there was only on offer RF (Radio Frequency) Bugs that have a realistic listening range of up to 600 metres and although these other offerings (FM and UHF Bugs) were and still are effective listening devices, they have been deemed as illegal for use in the UK and EU.

How Do GSM Bugs Work?

GSM Bugs are these days not only stand-alone devices, but these days are found built into everyday equipment such as Double and Multi-Plug Mains Adapters. These advances mean that the GSM units are far more versatile than they ever previously were. Probably the most popular in Spy Equipment UK’s range is the GSM Double Plug Adapter. This is a working Double Plug Adapter with a GSM module and internal back up battery inside. Plug the unit into a socket and within about a minute or so the GSM unit has “fired up”. Dial the number of the SIM Card within and the unit opens up the microphone without any indication and this then enables the caller to listen in to the surrounding environment, a radius of several metres.

Whilst plugged in, other mains equipment can be powered by the Adapter and once fully charged, if the Adapter is removed from the power socket, then the internal battery will still power the unit for up to 8 hours.

Our smallest stand alone unit, the GSM Micro, is believed to be the smallest self-contained GSM unit available. Measuring only 43mm x 35mm x 17mm, the device can be hidden almost anywhere and yet this battery-only powered unit has a standby mode of up to six days and a calling time of up to six hours, yet the audio clarity that it provides is superb.

So, when and where are these pieces of spy equipment best used. The GSM Micro and our other battery-powered units can be placed anywhere, even stuck under a chair, a desk, a table or behind a filing cabinet. We have known customers to hide the GSM micro in a variety of places, even in the lining of a handbag! As regards the Mains-powered units, these of course are ideal for long-term deployment. We even have a mains-powered extension that with intelligent sound activation that calls you. By replacing an existing Double Adapter, Extension Lead or Double Wall Socket with one of our devices, nobody would ever suspect. To keep tabs on a wayward employee, a cheating partner or even your children, then GSM Bugs provide the perfect modern day solution.