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How To Keep Your Cool When Wearing A Spy Camera

Adrian Mudd   January 3, 2017

Clever and highly useful spy cameras come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Many are so technologically advanced that they can be fitted into just about anything – from wristwatches and glasses to mobile phones and pens.

With these devices, you are in full control of the viewing and recording of information and evidence. You are able to move closer to pick up quiet conversations or move further away to record the whole picture.

However, it’s not as easy as it looks…

It’s can be very difficult to keep your cool when wearing a body worn spy camera – those overwhelming feelings of guilt or paranoia can make even the most experienced spy or private investigator look and act suspiciously. While the body-worn camera itself won’t be obvious, a person’s actions and characteristics may give the game away.

But how do you keep the twitching, sweating, darting eyes and nervous disposition on the low down? Below, Spy equipment UK has compiled a checklist of things to remember when using a spy camera in order to keep in control and avoid raising suspicion.

body worn spy camera

1.Fight the Temptation to Fiddle

If nerves get the better of you, you may be tempted to fiddle with the spy camera by touching or adjusting it. This is likely to draw unnecessary attention towards yourself, so be aware of your actions and movements, and try to keep touching the device to a minimum.

2.Resist the Urge to Fidget

In times of pressure, we are prone to fidgeting – whether that involves twiddling our thumbs, twitching, rapid eye movement, heavy breathing, etc. Stay mindful of your behaviour and movements at all times to avoid looking suspicious during recording.

3.Wear Loose Clothing

Sweating is a major giveaway when conducting covert recording. Wearing cool and loose-fitting clothes will ensure that you do not feel hot under the collar. Also, consider using an antiperspirant if it’s a hot day and you are going to be indoors.

4.Gauge Your Situation

If you are recording in a casual setting, avoid wearing an informal outfit; if you are recording on a rainy day, sunglasses will make you stick out like a sore thumb. Consider your environment and dress appropriately for the situation and climate.

5. Think About the Visibility

There’s no point wearing say, the Spy Watch Camera Recorder HD if you are going to have your arms and wrists covered. Likewise, a cap camera probably won’t be worn indoors, and therefore might be taken off and subject to vision impairment. Think about the type of environment and match your spy camera purchase to it accordingly.

6 Have A Test Run

Practice makes perfect! Conducting a trial run using the body-worn camera prior to the recording event will make you feel more at ease on the big day. It will also help you to adjust the angle of the spy camera lens to ensure clear, obstacle-free footage is obtained.

7.Make it Your Second Skin

If you wear the spy camera often enough, you’ll soon forget that it’s even there. Wearing the camera will become more natural, meaning you will feel more comfortable. If you are concealing the camera in another item, be sure to wear the item frequently.

8. Avoid Breaking the Law

It is important to bear in mind that many of the techniques used to record covert information may be illegal. For example, covertly filming a swimming pool where children may be present. Be sure to check that your method of gaining information will not get you into any trouble with the law. Read up on UK spy laws today.

Don’t Panic When Deploying A Spy Camera

The best thing you can do is to not panic! At Spy Equipment UK, we have an extensive range of hidden cameras that are incredibly high-quality and well concealed. Keep your cool when wearing a spy camera and prepare well, and you will find that your recording goes to plan without any issues.

For more information about using a spy camera, or for help choosing the most appropriate device for your requirements, get in touch with us for advice.