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New GPS Tracking Logger Makes Personal Tracking Simple

Adrian Mudd   July 8, 2010

Here at Spy Equipment UK we have in the past consistently been asked for a GPS tracking device that was small and discreet enough to place in a handbag or a piece of luggage in order to track the movements of the carrier. That’s why we decided to design and manufacture products for a range titled asset trackers.

Now, we all know that ladies carry everything, but the kitchen sink in their handbags, so hiding a device in there should really be quite easy shouldn’t it? Maybe not, because in my experience, however disorganised, women still quite often have a system in their bags and even if they don’t, an unusual item discovered whilst rooting round for the mobile phone or keys would arouse suspicion.

A Reliable, Efficient Asset Tracker

Until now there wasn’t a device compact enough and powerful enough to insert in the lining of a handbag or suitcase without it intruding into the general bag space. However, now at Spy Equipment UK, we have just launched a new extremely compact GPS Logger that is about 38 mm square and thin enough to slip inside the lining of a bag with ease. This GPS tracking device records up to 120 hours of data onto its internal memory that can be subsequently downloaded onto a PC at a later time to give a comprehensive map of movements of the tracker or in fact the item in which it was secreted. With battery-saving technology inside, this device will also lend itself the quick deploy vehicle tracking and in some instances it may be possible to hide the device in an unused pocket of a coat.

Asset Tracking Devices from Spy Equipment UK

Whatever you decide, this new compact and sophisticated device is sure to pave the way for a whole host new applications, devised by those customers who have a need for gathering evidence in this way. We also have additional asset trackers such as the Micro Tracker and the Lifetime Asset Tracker in our range. Browse our complete range and if you can’t find the most appropriate option for you, contact us and we’ll advise you.