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New Spy Cam Systems Released

Adrian Mudd   November 26, 2012

New technology brings fresh opportunity. It hasn’t escaped us that we need to add new products to our spy cam range, part of the wider hidden camera range. Two new battery-powered offerings have just been released that we believe plug a gap in the market.

Spy Cam Developments

The Spy Equipment UK team has been working on adding a number of new self-contained spy camera with SD card recording systems. There are a number of spy cams in the pipeline, but we have started with two new offerings, these being the Air Freshener Cam with DVR and the Wall Clock Cam with DVR

Adding these first two products to the range helps fill a gap in our range of covert camera solutions. Customers are often looking for video/audio recording solutions that offer easy deployment, battery power, short to medium term ability all built into an everyday device that can fit into many environments. By adding an Air Freshener and a Wall clock to our product line-up, we have added two versatile systems with multi- deployment opportunity.

Two Spy Cameras Introduced to the Market

The Air Freshener Camera / DVR is incorporated into a relatively compact and innocuous looking air freshener. The unit is able to offer a battery life of up to 24 hours and has the remote-controlling capability. This unit will easily blend into the home or office environment to capture excellent video footage of activity in front of the device.

The Wall Clock Camera / DVR is a very neutral looking clock that is unlikely to attract any real attention. It houses the very same spy camera system that is used in the air freshener unit and as such, this means that it has almost identical capabilities.

Both units are reasonably priced and are already available for purchase through the Spy Equipment UK website. So, if you are looking for a battery-powered surveillance camera solution that can stay operative for up to 24 hours, then both of these products could be ideal for your needs. Contact us if you wish to learn more about any spy cam in our product categories. You can buy these two featured spy cams online today – don’t miss out on these!