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Smoke Alarm IP Covert Camera

Adrian Mudd   May 31, 2011

Spy Equipment UK are waiting for the arrival of their new Smoke Alarm IP Covert Camera after the success of the Sony Radio IP Camera system. The beauty with a smoke alarm is that it can be located in almost any room at home or in the office. IP CCTV cameras have been around in various formats for a few years now, but covert models have not been available until recently.

Another Covert Camera from the Industry Leader

IP Cameras, such as the Smoke Alarm IP Covert Camera that is soon to be released by ourselves, allow for remote viewing via computer or from certain mobile phones, taking remote monitoring to a new level. What is extra special about the Smoke Alarm IP Camera is that it also has night vision facility, which sometimes is absolutely crucial. Expect the Smoke Alarm IP Camera to be at around the same price as the IP Radio system.

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Take the PIR WiFi Spy Camera, for example. We have been providing the UK, and the rest of the world, with equipment such as this device for decades. Our background enables us to bring the very latest and high tech products to the covert camera market at highly competitive prices. Enquire for more or buy online from the leader in this industry.