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Smoke Alarm Voice Recorder Launched

Adrian Mudd   May 13, 2011

Here at Spy Equipment UK we like to keep our customers up to date with our new products. It is almost on a weekly basis that we have new spy gadgets that are introduced to our range and the smoke alarm voice recorder will surely be a hit.

Spy Equipment UK have just launched a new simple, but very effective voice recording device that is expected to be a huge hit. The smoke alarm voice recorder uses an SD card sound recording system that is built into what is recognised to be probably the most common smoke alarm of the last few years. This unit can be used at home or in the office as a stand-alone unit that should not attract any attention whatsoever. This means, unlike some covert voice recording systems, it is pertinent to put it on display where it is needed. It should be noted that a lack of space internally means that this product will not operate as a working smoke alarm.

Get the most out of the Smoke Alarm Voice Recorder

So, how will customers get the most out of this product and where does it fill a gap in our current range? Previously we have not had a voice recorder that has been disguised as a smoke alarm, but in addition, because the unit is powered by three AA size batteries, the operation deployment time for alkaline batteries is around seven days, which is an outstanding performance for a battery powered voice recorder system.

The majority of voice recorders and recording devices use flash drive memory to store recorded files, but the smoke alarm unit incorporates a micro SD card recording system, which means that the memory can be extracted and played back without having to remove the entire device, something that could give rise to suspicion. All in all the smoke alarm voice recorder – which is voice activated – makes a fantastic addition to Spy Equipment UK’s range of spy gadgets.