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The New & Improved Voice Logger Computer Software

Grace Jalowiecka   October 1, 2018

After a long two-year wait, Spy Equipment UK are excited to relaunch the new and vastly improved Voice Logger Computer Software. The Voice Logger is a multifaceted piece of tech that functions as a voice recorder but also allows you to monitor computer activity at the same time.

Adrian Mudd, Owner of Spy Equipment UK, says: “Revamped and renamed, the software fits into the sound, voice, and audio recording category as well as computer surveillance for discreet and covert surveillance.”

A Multi-Purpose Voice Recorder

computer surveillance software plugged in

What is more, this nifty USB stick can be quickly and easily installed once then removed for total discreteness. You will not have to leave the USB plugged in whilst the recording software is in use, ensuring this is the perfect monitoring device for your online needs.

Alongside our other computer monitoring software, The Voice Logger can be used to keep your children safe whilst they use the internet, to record a cheating partners activities on Skype, for example, to gain evidence of abuse or violence either at home or in the workplace. Whatever your requirement, this device runs unseen of any laptop or computer.

This device has an automatic recording system, which means that recording will be stored to the device without you needed to do anything. The file to which they are saved can be placed anywhere you like to ensure maximum discretion – it is also possible to encrypt the files for total peace of mind.

Not Just Any Audio Recorder!

  • Superb room audio monitoring software supplied on an easy-to-deploy USB stick.
  • This voice recorder is easy to carry around and with simple, but lightning fast installation.
  • Designed for use on any Windows PC, desktop or laptop – works even with the laptop lid down or computer is in sleep mode.
  • Programmed with the latest antivirus bypass facilities for trouble-free discreet upload directly from the stick.
  • Uses the computer’s own microphone to monitor the surrounding room environment.
  • Preset with voice (sound) activation – Record only when there is sound to be recorded (ambient sound level filtering can be set).
  • Record in total discretion – save audio files to the same computer or set to automatically email them to an email address of your choice.
  • Recordings have time and date reference – easy to catalogue and ideal for gathering evidence.
  • Audio files recorded in MP3 format – no need for any special playback software.
  • Recordings stored on an installed computer can be encrypted for added security.
  • Audio pick up range depends on microphone sensitivity – In tests a radius of 7 metres was easily achieved.
  • Set the sound activation threshold and the frequency of saving of recordings through the software menu system.
  • System works and has been tested with numerous email clients including Gmail and Yahoo mail.

Please note: This software is NOT compatible with Mac or Linux operating systems

Audio Recording Equipment At Spy Equipment UK

We stock a range of high-quality recording devices for your surveillance needs, all of which are to the standard of the voice recording device central to this blog post. Our staff have backgrounds in the police service and other surveillance industries, so are knowledgeable in all aspects of spy equipment. If you wish to speak to one of the team members today, simply contact us via phone or email and we will respond to your queries as soon as we can.