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Two New Stand Alone Hidden Spy Camera Solutions

Adrian Mudd   February 4, 2012

We all know how difficult it is to get going when the New Year starts, but here at Spy Equipment UK we have busy bringing new products onto our shelves. 2012 is already a big year for many reasons, and it doesn’t seem as though it is going to disappoint when it comes down to the arrival of new products. We are evolving our range of spy camera solutions and here is the breakdown of what we have been up to recently.

Hidden Spy Camera Experts in the UK and Internationally

One device that we have been looking forward to offering is a versatile battery-powered spy camera and self-contained DVR solution. And rather than being able to offer one hidden camera solution we have actually introduced two ‘black box’ spy camera / DVR hidden spy camera systems. One of these, the Mini Black Box Security Camera is suited for many deployment opportunities. It can be used as a trophy or ornament stand or can be possibly wrapped in a book or confectionary box cover to disguise it. Footage is recorded onto the intelligent in-built micro SD card recording system with optional motion detection and with remote control facility as standard, the system makes perfect sense in home or office.

The second ‘black box’ system, the HD Video Box is designed for deployment in many environments, but is particularly suited to industrial applications. The unit is set up to take 10-minute video / audio recordings in relation to movement activation in the area in which it is deployed. High Definition (720p) footage is standard and a battery life of around 7 days is easily achievable, so as a covert standalone spy camera solution the HD Video Box scores highly.

Spy Equipment UK has many other superb surveillance products in the pipeline for 2012, but the Black Box Camera/DVR and the HD Video Box have already added a new dimension to standalone hidden spy camera solutions. Contact us for more on this!