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Why WiFi Spy Camera Surveillance?

Adrian Mudd   April 28, 2015

If you’re still using a 3G Spy Camera system then you’re missing out on a range of new features that spy camera tech is currently offering. Advanced camera technology has brought about the IP camera, better known as the WiFi Spy Camera, which is in high demand right now. If you aren’t aware of this type of surveillance don’t fear, we will introduce you to the WiFi camera, you will discover why people are opting for this new type of spy technology and see how it keeps you safe at home or at work.

Can you afford to neglect this new and improved form of surveillance? Recently, it’s been said that experts believe 67% of burglaries could be prevented if people had security cameras in their homes! This is a shocking revelation and yet so easily avoided with our hidden camera technology. So who uses these devices and why is WiFi surveillance the best option for many people?

WiFi Cameras

Introducing… the WiFi Camera

A WiFi camera is a surveillance camera that lets you access it’s live video feed through your smartphone, iPad and other forms of modern technology when you are on the go, at work or anywhere with a WiFi connection. This ensures close supervision is just a click away no matter where you are in the world. This is highly beneficial for home-owners who want to ensure the safety of their outside tools, garden shed and cars while they are out of the home, working or on holiday. This is also incredibly useful to business owners who wish to protect their assets when they are away from the office.

What is it’s Aspects of Appeal?

The common causes of demand are due to both the internet speed improving through fibre-optic technology and the competitive cost of broadband going down. This means the price of the hardware has conveniently dropped and better still, in this day and age anyone can install the cameras. Technicians at Spy Equipment UK have designed easy ‘plug and play’ installation, so that WiFi cameras can be utilised by anyone, even some of the most technologically challenged people.

Why WiFi is Better Than the Rest


The main aspects which override technology such as 3G surveillance systems are the fact that they can be viewed on both computers and smartphones, remote HD video recording is possible and live monitoring is available. Last but not least, unlike 3G cameras, roaming charges don’t exist. Hallelujah! These are the features we want in our surveillance cameras and guess what? That’s not even the best part.

One of the best differences is that WiFi offers is a variety of extra features such as motion detection recording, email notifications and multiple camera monitoring. Like the world we live in, they are becoming more interactive and up to date with modern technology. At this moment in time, there’s no stopping WiFi making a big impact on photography and video surveillance.

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The Rise and Fall of 3G

With the name ‘3G’ becoming outdated so quickly and the name ‘WiFi’ taking over, it would seem as though technology is moving back in time? Especially as 3G is a newer concept of internet usage, or so you thought. Early 3G spy cameras were actually Nokia mobile phones stripped down to the video calling facility which, back then in 2004, was the next best thing. Smart, really! Yet it failed to catch on. Why?

The Future of Technology

Evidently, back in the early 2000’s apps such as Skype and Facetime didn’t exist. Video calling was more of a novelty. This was reflected in its cost which was at around £0.25p per minute not to mention international roaming charges. As hard as it is to believe nowadays, top of the range Nokia back then cost around £500.00. Unimaginable isn’t it?

The US Influence

As if money wasn’t an issue, the US soon took the idea and made a bigger, better alternative. One of the biggest US networks launched their own video calling facility, restricting 3G further and by this time Apple introduced Facetime.

4G and 5G

Outside WiFi Cameras

With the race of advanced technology creeping up on them, 3G didn’t stand a chance against what was being created in their footsteps. Soon after its launch, scientists were already in the final stages of releasing 4G and the race was back on to release 5G technology. This doesn’t mean that 4G and 5G spy cameras will be released, financially it would be impossible. That’s where WiFi surveillance comes in.

What Does the Future Hold?

This is only the beginning. The interesting concept of WiFi technology ensures that further advances in IP or WiFi technology will follow. “every day objects such as televisions, cars, refrigerators, trains and pacemakers now have the ability to link to the net and communicate with each other. This is due to the embedding of sensors which are linked through wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that connects the Internet”.

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In the world of surveillance, WiFi cameras are the best alternative to the once-popular 3G cameras. The logical thing to do would be to purchase your own. We supply both cameras and due to popular demand, we have a wide range of disguised household items to everyday cameras. Keep your property, possessions, family and friends supervised as we move into 2016 with the best-proven range of surveillance that is the WiFi camera.

Feel free to get in touch regarding any queries you may have and comment below to let us know your thoughts on the WiFi camera.


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