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Alternate Realities: What If Thatcher Had Spy Equipment?

Adrian Mudd   December 21, 2017

A Coup. An oust. A betrayal. 1990, England. Victim? Margaret Thatcher and an era of ruthless pragmatism.

Today we present a new series: alternative realities. In which, we explore historical situations, and much like our 5 TV shows and Movies That Would Be Ruined With Spy Equipment article, place our equipment and see how that very situation would change.

We also explore how this placement would have seminal impact.

Margaret Thatcher and The Roaring 80sMargaret Thatcher GIF

Thatcher dominated the 80s. Her way with words; her unrelenting privatization of the state; her conservative suits. She was totally infallible. Come to the nineties, however, Thatcher weakened. Gravely.

There was a growing distaste for Thatcher in 1990. Many believed she had outstayed her welcome and was immobilizing Britain as a whole, particularly with her anti-Europe rhetoric. This came to a head when she demoted Sir Geoffrey Howe, a prominent Welsh politician.

Howe, somewhat known as a hothead, delivered a besmirching goodbye speech, claiming Thatcher to set to ‘distinguish democracy’. This speech opened a dialogue; a dialogue, which, for the first time in Thatcher’s career, had the focus of a Britain without her at the helm.

Her swan-song delivered by someone else. In the coming months, through secret planning and scheming, a group of conservative politicians led by Howe and Heseltine, ousted one of the most famous prime ministers of all time.

It was said at the time, by Huw Edwards that “There were epic levels of hypocrisy involved. Lots of the people I interviewed were incredibly strong in favour of Mrs Thatcher publicly, but once you switched the microphone off they were viciously critical and begging her to leave”.

Which makes an interesting segway for us to ask, what if Thatcher had our spy equipment in these months.

1990: Thatcher and SEUK form a formidable partnership?

Say in 1990, when this madness was ensuing, Thatcher felt a growing sense of backstabbery in the air and purchased one of our spy gadgets.


Maybe our spy pen recorder, that’d blend in very well at Westminster.

Spy Pen

She could’ve planted the pen in the offices of these men who conspired against her and found out who really had it against her. There was even a last meeting where they really planned the final details of her demise. She would’ve known about that.

The mess eventually led to John Major succeeding The Iron Lady, which deeply impacted British politics. If Thatcher had our equipment at her disposal at the time, we wonder how different things would’ve been…

What if Thatcher had our Spy Equipment?

United Kingdom and The EU

As said, Thatcher had a strong anti-EU stance, if she had not been toppled, we perhaps would’ve left earlier. Which means Brexit would’ve happened, but much earlier and perhaps would’ve been branded better.

The Charming Tony Blair

If Thatcher had stayed in, supposedly Labour’s best weapon at the time (they were had a strong campaign planned on using her unwanted longevity against her), they may not have needed to resort to New Labour to dispose of John Major.

The era of Blair and New Labour perhaps is the biggest change caused by the repercussion of Thatcher not owning our equipment. If the Blair headed arrow that is New Labour hadn’t struck Britain, many things would be different. For example, we may not have played such a big role in the war on terror.

Social mobility may not have become such a country dialogue. We perhaps might of not even seen Hugh Grant play a bumbling fool of a Prime Minister in Love Actually! How devastating would that have been!

Tony Blair GIF

Spy Equipment UK

It’s obvious to see that if Thatcher did have some of our expert spy equipment, our country would’ve been vastly different! But she didn’t, and it is how we know it. It’s fun to play these games; they’re harmless and stimulating. We may do more alternative realities in the future. If you’d like us to do any, email us or use our online contact form! We’d really appreciate your input.

If you’d like some spy equipment to see if a coup is happening amongst your peers, have a look at your products! We can soothe your soul and assure you that you won’t spend later years in political obscurity. As we’re sure that’s your intention.