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5 Films & TV Shows That Would Be Ruined With Spy Equipment

Adrian Mudd   September 19, 2017

Many Hollywood blockbusters revolve around secrecy. Here at Spy Equipment UK, we try to avoid enigmas at all costs – with spy equipment; audio, visual, and GPS tracking, we like to live with total knowledge of what’s happening inside of our hard-earned homes, where our children may be, or what our spouses may be up to. Fortunately for film-lovers, many of Hollywood’s most loved fictional characters simply don’t live this way. But what if they did?


What if Lois Lane had a trembling fear that creatures of the dark roamed her room in the depths of the evening? Well, she’d buy a radio fitted with a spy camera of course. That way, her qualms would be eased. The drawback? Good ol’ Clark’s hidden identity wouldn’t have lasted much longer than a day. That would’ve put a black mark on Superman’s saving the earth and getting Lois Lane plans.


Breaking Bad

Walter White burst onto our screens in the late naughties. The show sent us all on a drug-like craze as it piqued the world’s interest. It did this through great directing, superlative casting, and riveting writing – but what if that writing was stifled with something like, I don’t know, a hidden air freshener camera. Skyler White would’ve known about Walt’s antics within the first series. Their fictional household may have fared better, but who would want that? Their demise gave me great entertainment.

breaking bad tv show


Bryan Mills – Liam Neeson’s character in Taken – was an overly protective father at the beginning of Taken’s narrative, never mind the end. One would think that a father that protective, deeply concerned with his daughter’s safety, would’ve placed a car GPS tracking device on her vehicle. But he didn’t. Liam was complacent. This eventually led him on a drug-industry-employed-brute killing escapade – much to our entertainment. If he had placed the GPS tracking device, we wouldn’t have ended up seeing this action masterpiece, and he would’ve known who they were. What a shame that would’ve been.


Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams blew us away with his awe-inspiring, gender-blurring performance in Mrs. Doubtfire. He made countries laugh harmoniously with his witty, cutting jokes delivered in a pantomime-like attire. Formidably misleading his family to believe he was a woman, in an attempt to spend time his children. But what if Mrs. Doubtfire’s ex-wife was worried about her house being burgled? She would’ve set up a fire alarm spy camera obviously. Daniel Hillard – Mrs. Doubtfire’s true identity – would’ve been caught red-handed instantly. What would we have we done without this stone-cold classic? Rainy days in the 90s would have sure been a lot more boring.

mrs doubtfire

The Truman Show

Jim Carrey delivered an amusingly sardonic performance in this eerie drama, which only becomes increasingly poignant as self-surveillance grows to an all-time high. What if this artificial world stirred Truman Burbank so much that he began to surveil the surveillers. He could’ve done this with almost all of our equipment: a plug bug, a landline recorder, a person tracker – as we said, any of our spy equipment. This would’ve made Jim’s fabricated universe implode, much like his is right now.

the truman show image

Obviously, this works in our favour. We love these films and television shows. But it is interesting to imagine how much better many of these fictional character’s lives could’ve been if they took the right measure to ensure their own and their loved one’s sanity and safety, surreptitiously. Here at Spy Equipment UK, this is what we care about: your sanity and safety. Take a look at our professional surveillance equipment now and contact us if you have any concerns at all.