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Combat Nuisance Neighbours With Spy Equipment

Adrian Mudd   December 15, 2016

It’s unlikely that all of us live in ‘Pleasantville’, where the streets are peaceful and your neighbours are quiet and considerate all of the time. If the only drama occurring in your neighbourhood is a fireman rescuing a cat from a tree, or the local girl guide squad selling warm chocolate chip cookies, then this article probably isn’t for you.

nuisance neighbours

If your neighbourhood isn’t an idyllic 1950s utopia, then please read on…

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘neighbours from hell’. No one wants their street, their home and their life to be disrupted by unruly members of their community. In fact, more than a quarter of UK adults report a problem with a nuisance neighbour – a figure which will no doubt rise as more residential developments crop up, and we are all squished together like sardines in a tin – or goldfish in a bowl.

The reality is that many of us are impacted by the anti-social behaviour of our neighbours. From verbal abuse and property damage, to unrelenting loud noises that keep you awake all night. If this picture sounds familiar, it might be time to consider gathering the evidence needed to put concerns to rest.

Fortunately, Spy Equipment UK has a host of products and services that may come in handy when dealing with those nuisance neighbours. Our equipment gives you the opportunity to gain the information you need to prove just how excessive, anti-social or abusive your neighbour is being.

Vanquish the verbal abuse

People often fall victim to verbal abuse and harassment from their neighbours. It is unpleasant and can make living next to them intolerable. Sometimes, it is not always possible to speak to them politely and reasonably – there are certain

If this sounds similar to your own situation, we recommend purchasing the flash drive voice recorder – a nifty USB memory stick with time and date stamping on recorded files. This spy device is easy to carry and covertly set into record mode.things in life a friendly cup of tea just can’t fix!

Furthermore, it can also be used to record loud music/noise inside your neighbour’s house as it can be left on sound activation mode and has an extensive battery life.

Protect your property

Are your neighbours causing damage to your property This could include vandalism, dumping rubbish on your lawn or even having objects hurled in your direction. If so, you may want to consider investing in some additional surveillance.

The Swivel Lens spy camera is a great solution with a wide angle lens for capturing high-quality colour video footage. This compact system is small yet capable, comes complete with a high-capacity micro SD card, is motion activated for real-time or historical viewing./

Furthermore, the mini black box security camera has infrared night-vision for capturing high definition footage at any time of the day. The unit is contained in a sleek black container for easy transportation and covert installation.

Both cameras are perfect for recording incidents of property damage when placed out of the front window of your home, or in the car.

Back guard-en security

You may want to think about investing in an outdoor security camera, if you suspect your neighbour of throwing things into your back garden, damaging the area, or trespassing onto your property.

The HD Field Spy is a superb camera with SD card, built into a camouflaged container that is weatherproof and capable of recording high-resolution video footage. It’s extensive memory and battery life means that you can now record more, and for longer periods of time.

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