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HD Spy Technology Has Arrived

Adrian Mudd   November 8, 2010

High definition technology has very quickly broken its way into the spy world. Is this just a fad or is it really here to stay? It may have only seemed like five minutes ago when high definition technology was announced as the next thing to have in TV technology, but spy technology is a rapidly evolving industry.

HD Has Arrived In The Spy Technology Industry

There were many that said it would never catch on, just like they said when the first mobile phone was introduced to the general public. How wrong they have all been again. In fact, the new thing is 3D whereas HD has become mainstream in video and TV technology alike. Sky TV, of course, has driven the agenda by introducing many HD TV channels for those who have invested in the technology. Sooner than expected really we have had the arrival on high definition spy camera technology to the world of gadgets. HD equipment was driven by discerning customers mainly in the mystery shopping industry who were being asked for better video imagery from their clients.

Our HD Favorite Spy Gadgets

First on the agenda has been one of the favourites of the mystery shoppers, the Button Camera Ultimate Package and Spy Watch Camera Recorder HD. Whilst previously efforts had been made to make the MP4 recording system smaller and more versatile, the cameras were next for the makeover. The latest button cameras feature very low lux technology and high definition 1280 x 960 imagery that is sure to satisfy the clients. next has ben a range of HD cameras built into everyday objects. Who would ever believe that we would have had such spy gadgets as an HD camera and recording system incorporated into a car key remote control fob, well believe me it is here and it is a superb piece of kit.

Next on the list will be the sophisticated camera recording systems that are built into clocks, smoke detectors, PIR’s and other everyday common spy camera donors. High Definition spy gadgets have not just only arrived, but they will soon become the benchmark, so whether the world wanted them or not, they are definitely here to stay.