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Longterm Voice Recorders Open Up New Possibilities

Adrian Mudd   June 11, 2011

Anybody who is involved in the technical surveillance arena will be aware that one thing seems to slow down progress more than anything – battery life. Spy Equipment UK’s new generation of voice recording devices tackle this issue head-on.

Producing a voice recorder unit with a decent recording capacity built into something totally fitting with the environment in which it is placed, with no issues in relation to powering of the device has always been almost the impossible. Most discreet audio surveillance voice recording devices are built into everyday objects that can be left lying around without drawing any attention.

As a result long term deployment of covert recorders has always been an issue. To circumvent this problem many of our customers resorted to using one of our high capacity voice recorder units with a covert microphone, either attached to a mains supply or with one of our external battery packs that served to extend battery power supply by quite some margin.

Of course for some, this solution was a non-starter because of the particular circumstances in which the device was to be deployed or the fact that there was no mains supply in a discreet spot. Enter two of the latest products from Spy Equipment UK to save the day. The first to arrive was the Smoke Alarm Voice Recorder, which although still a battery-powered product, provides a deployment opportunity of at least seven days powering of the voice recorder inside.

The Latest In Long-term Hidden Voice Recorders

The latest our or long-term hidden voice recorders to be released is a rework of a previous offering. The 4-Gang Mains Extension Lead was previously powered by an internal rechargeable battery that gave a maximum of 24 hours use despite there being a 70 hour recording capacity. Now the latest version of this unit does not rely on an internal battery, but instead takes power from the mains supply to which it is connected. This ensures that the total recording capacity can now be exploited to the full.

Voice recorders have always been extremely popular and a powerful tool in any investigation process, but with the new products on offer from Spy Equipment UK, audio surveillance has now been taken to the next level. Contact us to learn more about the Voice Recorders we provide internationally. We look forward to being of assistance to you!