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Spy Cameras Spying on Spouses

Adrian Mudd   June 9, 2008

It sounds like it belongs in the hard-boiled detective novels of Raymond Chandler, but spying on spouses is on the increase as more suspicious partners invest in spy cameras and surveillance equipment.

Suspicious Minds


Infidelity, affairs, betrayal – most people at some point in their lives have been cheated on, or suspected their partners of cheating. And for some, it may sound like obsessive stalking, but investing in spy technology can be the best way to accumulate proof and find peace of mind.

Snooping – The anxious spouse

Email snooping is hard to resist if you are a suspicious or anxious spouse, and you could stumble across the evidence you’re searching for, but installing spy cameras such as HD voice recorder and video spy pen¬†and car key voice recorders is one sure way to find out the truth.

Chinese Crazy for Cameras

In China, mini spy cameras became the latest trend in 2002 as newspapers reported that spouses were trying to keep tabs on their partners. But it isn’t just cheating spouses that spy gadgets can catch out – the mini spy cameras were also big with shopkeepers desperate to keep an eye on theft.

Privacy – An unfair intrusion?

Spy cameras can be easily hidden from sight, making them ideal surveillance equipment, although when they are used to spy on private lives, there have to be concerned. Some officials in China expressed worries that these spy gadgets could be abused when it comes to secret filming. In Taiwan, they were shot into the public eye when a spy camera was used to film a politician having sex with a married lover. Secret filming has also fuelled scandals in America as celebrities have been caught in compromising positions – the filmmaker than profiteers selling the film illegally.

Spy Cam Craze – CCTV Schemes

But such concerns didn’t stop the craze in China when one retailer sold over 400 spy cameras in just one month. In an increasingly intense Big Brother society, the UK has the most spied upon people in the world. And only recently, a controversial new CCTV camera scheme has been expanded across Britain. The scheme uses ‘talking’ CCTV cameras in an attempt to tackle anti-social behaviour – but many feel these cameras are a step too far for the nation’s civil liberties.