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Spy Gadgets – From MI6 To Modern Day Reality

Adrian Mudd   November 11, 2010

What comes to mind when you think of spy gadgets? For us, our first thoughts are of James Bond! We think of Q handing 007 the latest in spy technology and explaining to Bond how his awesome inventions work. At the time, these gadgets seemed so far removed from reality and everyday life – a cinematic spectacle!

But the truth behind the fiction was revealed back in 2010 when MI6 excitingly opened some of their old files to the public, documenting the earliest spy gadgets that were used by the service during the first 4 decades of their establishment. MI6 – home to the real-life James Bonds – is a leader in spy gadget creation and an institute that Spy Equipment UK takes great influence and inspiration from.

Unravelling the Spy Gadgets mystery

As a result of MI6 revealing this information on ‘James Bond gadgets’, spy equipment seemed a lot closer to home and accessible. While some of these gadgets may have seemed a little antiquated, the majority of them are timeless – setting the bench for modern-day technology, and playing an integral role in today’s private investigations.

Among the array of specialist spy gadgets, were a matchbox that contained a compact camera, a spy pen that was in fact filled with tear gas to disable an opponent, shaving brushes with secret compartments, and all manner of everyday objects used to conceal cameras or hide information that needed to be covertly transported across borders from one country to another.

Setting the pace for modern spy gadgets

Today, spy equipment is now available in abundance. Technological advances have ensured that these James Bond-esque gadgets have become a reality. We manufacture and sell a vast range of spy gadgets for your every need – whether you are looking to track a vehicle, install a spy camera, or gain access to important computer documents with our Windows Master Key. Below is a list of some of our favourite spy gadgets.

Our 5 favourite Spy Gadgets

Spy Pen

The Spy Pen is a classic, yet sleek and stylish piece of technology, that we just love. Giving the appearance of a normal pen, this gadget contains fully functional high-definition video/voice recording software in order to make recordings with outstanding compatibility and performance. The small integrated camera is positioned just above the pen clip to ensure covert filming can be carried out with ease, whether you are leaving the device on a table or placing it in your jacket pocket.

Find out more about our HD Video/Voice Recording Spy Pen.

Voice Recorder Software

Our Spy Voice Recorder software runs completely hidden on your PC, enabling you to turn any Windows computer into a listening and recording device. With easy installation, sophisticated sound detection activation and high quality audio recording, this gadget has a number of covert uses. The system has been revered by spy equipment enthusiasts and private investigators alike.

Spy phone

Our Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultra Spy Phone is a multi-functional smartphone that is equipped with specialist software to monitor a plethora of phone user activity. This product is one of our most popular devices due to its extensive capabilities and advanced software. For recording phone calls, obtaining copies of SMS and text messages, browsing internet history, accessing apps (such as WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook), reviewing pictures or tracking GPS locations, this smart device is the pinnacle of all spy phones.

Find out more about the Galaxy S7 Ultra Spy Phone.

Bug Detection

The Bug Detector PRO4000D is an important part of any spy’s toolkit. This state of the art bug sweeper can detect and locate covert bugging devices and is incredibly simple to use. The unit can identify true frequency range of 1-4800 MHz, making it the ultimate choice on the market. This device can be used to locate battery-operated transmitters or bugs, mains powered bugs, telephone and mobile phone bugs, video transmitters and walkie talkies.

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Hidden Cameras

Perhaps the most famous piece of spy equipment, the hidden camera comes in all shapes and sizes, and in a range of household appliances. We have concealed our high-tech spy cameras in such objects as our wall clock camera, table lamps, radios – even tissue boxes! With great versatility, our range of hidden cameras can be used in the home or in public places and are compact enough to conduct covert missions with ease.

Find out more about our hidden cameras.

Today’s high-tech spy equipment

Whether you need to intercept communication, record track or monitor a person, asset or document, Spy Equipment UK has the latest range of spy equipment to suit your needs. The police, private investigators and security companies all rely heavily on modern day spy gear as a necessary step to protect us all from the tyranny of terrorists and similar organisations.

One thing is for sure. If the general public has access to what is perceived as the latest spy gadgets, then in reality you can be sure that MI6 is in fact several steps ahead in the development of James Bond-style spy toys.