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Our Top Spy Gear Budget Buys!

Adrian Mudd   January 11, 2018

The need for our equipment can come at any time. January, however, is a time when suspicion arises most. Why? December. December is a bad month for relationships. It is a time of drinks; of staff parties; of mistakes; of regrets. Due to this, many of you are probably considering buying spy equipment now. Staring blankly into our website, deciding whether you really want to know what’s going on. Perhaps the unknown is the best.

First of all, you’ve made the right decision coming here. This is the right place to be if you want adultery to end. Secondly, as we’ve stated in the past, not knowing is the worst; it means the power’s eluding you. With us, you can take that back. You can empower yourself.

And in other situations: perhaps you’ve just decided in 2018 you want to add an extra field of protection to your car; perhaps you want to have better surveillance of your staff; perhaps you want to make sure your children aren’t getting bullied on the internet. But it’s January; Christmas just happened and your bank account has been drained dry. Not a problem. Today we’re going to run you through our budget buys!

GPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker | Prices Start at £129

You searched, you searched, and you searched, but you just couldn’t find a way to totally ensure your motorbike is safe. Well, you could, but they were trying to charge you a hefty starting price and then a killer monthly subscription on top of that. Not good. Not good at all.

With SEUK you can ensure your vehicles are totally safe, and do so within your budget. Our GPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker has an upfront cost of £129. That’s it. The only other thing you need is a phone with a sim; so you can text it asking for its location. Simple.

GPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker


Portable Battery Pack Recorder | Prices Start at £135

A versatile option in our cheaplist, definitely. This product of ours is incredibly secretive. Often, our customers main qualm is being caught and that’s why they don’t follow through with their transactions. Recently we have made great effort to just how effective our products are – we’ve never had a customer complain they’ve been caught!

So whether you want to make sure your staff are as hardworking as you’d like or catch a suspected cheating spouse, this undeniably is a great option for that. Great for accumulating evidence


Portable Battery Pack Recorder

Air Freshener Camera | Prices Start at £189

This one sure is cheap considering it’s one of our most loved products. Why is it one of our most loved products? Well, it sales well, that’s for sure. We also often get emails from customer stating just how good the piece of kit is. It produces high quality film; it’s extremely covert; and above all, it’s very easy to use!

Pick one up. That’s what we suggest. Whatever your cause, this piece of kit will sort you out.

Air Freshener Camera


Nokia Spy Phone | Prices Start at £189

This one is a favourite of ours. In terms of ease of use, it’s probably our best. It’s so simple to use your mother could listen in on the Russians. A piece of kit so good it makes your mum rival with James Bond over spymanship. Can that really be beaten?

As the phone has been optimised for spy use its normal functionality is now defunct, but for good reason: the microphone has been enhanced so when called (how to use the bug) you can hear the entire room. At only £189 it’s a steal.

Nokia Spy Phone


Spy Equipment UK – Our Best Spy Gear Budget Purchases

We exist because of you. Although simple, that’s something we’ll never forget. We keep it in mind when we define our prices; when we craft new items; when we answer your emails. We’re very grateful and for that reason our prices will always be as low as possible. Get in touch with us and tell your story with our products – if you do, we’ll gift you a 10% off voucher. Stay safe. Stay spy.