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Wireless Cameras – A Powerful Solution

Adrian Mudd   July 26, 2009

No Spy Shop would be complete without a collection of wireless spy cameras. These cameras have been around for a few years now as have wireless CCTV cameras. Both of these sets of cameras use the same transmission frequency of 2.4GHz. Wireless Covert Cameras were originally only available as a lower quality CMOS camera unit, but in the last few years, advances have meant that these devices are now available as a CCD unit giving higher quality crisper images.

Our WiFi Spy Cameras

Here at Spy Equipment UK we have divided our WiFi cameras into two main categories. General Stand-alone Spy Camera units and Bespoke Spy Camera devices.

Stand Alone WiFi Spy Cameras

The general stand-alone units come with either CCD or CMOS transmitting cameras, but these cameras are ‘naked’, meaning that they have not been built into anything. For a customer who wants to locate a camera into an existing situation (into a current room set-up), then these cameras are relatively cheap to purchase. The Receivers accompanying these cameras are either Receivers with built-in recording capacity (onto SD Card) or a specialised Receiver that plugs into the USB port of a nearby PC. The latter device working in conjunction with included software enables recording of received footage onto the PC. On top of this, this system has software driven movement detection and even enables the user to remotely watch the imagery from another networked PC. Both of these systems can be used at home or in the office to great effect.

Bespoke WiFi Spy Cameras

Our Bespoke range of wireless cameras are more expensive, but offer some serious advantages. The cameras themselves have been built into a Spy Clock, a Smoke Detector, an Air Freshener and even a Potpourri Bowl. These power-saving units have intelligent modules that enable the battery powered units to stay in position for an extended period of time as opposed to the general stand alone units that can burn a standard battery out within 3 to 4 hours.

Coupled to an intelligent Receiver/Recorder and one of the triggers – PIR, or Door Catch or Floor Matt, the system enables intelligent recording in response to movement or other triggers ensuring that only the relevant events are recorded. These units can be used in the office or at home, but are ideal where an extended and unattended monitoring period is required.

Maybe when proof is required that a certain individual is entering a restricted area or stealing from this area or even for discreet monitoring out-of-hours. Maybe in a domestic situation when proof of an illicit liaison is taking place during the day when everybody should be at work.

Whatever the situation, it is now possible to select a wireless camera system that can really work for you and choosing one that fits-the-bill really it is all dependent upon the situation that needs monitoring and of course your budget.