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Your Fear Will Protect Your Assets

Adrian Mudd   June 11, 2013

Here we examine the psychological drivers behind the need for counter surveillance and how the human brain reacts to these stimuli. Counter measures viewed from a totally different perspective than ever before.

Fear can be described as an essential element within the human survival toolkit but prolonged exposure to the adrenaline inducing emotion is disabling. The brain is unable to maintain a healthy emotion and therefore fit survival state for themselves if is constantly in a state of fear. Acute fear is designed to help us escape from positions of perceived danger but the prolonged version i.e. a state of chronic fear is debilitating over long periods. Conditions that may cause arousal of this natural phenomenon are many yet one cause stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to longer term conditions, that of the fear of being observed without consent. Some people experience this as the hairs on the back of their necks standing up in a type of sixth sense experience. This is the brain responding to its own counter surveillance activity.

How Fear Drives Protection & Counter Surveillance

Some individuals and businesses will merely fear covert surveillance as a result of logical assumption or experience and simply be seeking peace of mind. It may be they wish to avoid industrial espionage or exposure of simpler yet no less damaging circumstances such as illicit use of resources or illicit relationships. Whatever the reason, the need to protect oneself or our assets will be at the root of our experience. Light anxiety is the minimum expression of fear expanding outwards to acute fear during which the autonomic nervous system takes over releasing adrenaline which enables us to access mass energy for a short time.

Put Fear to the Back of Your Mind

Our task in life is to ensure we gain control over our circumstances in order to live life safely and well. In some instances this may mean we keep secrets which the brain may consciously or subconsciously take as a threat thus instigating fear and specifically fear of discovery. The anxious mind is unable to think coherently because our brains primary function is ensuring survival which sometimes means us running away rather than fighting. Some might wonder what can be done to help the brain feel safe thereby helping immediate personal circumstances but how much better that it would provide massive benefits too. The answer lies in considering the likelihood of surveillance followed by the nature and the level of damage discovery might cause.

This will then lead the assessor on to the level and type of counter surveillance or asset tracker needed. The ability to access countermeasures is now an essential tool for those with a need to ensure privacy. The simplest type of counter surveillance is checking the environment for people overtly listening but there is much more once can do to safeguard self and valuable resources. The business or individual which undertakes Counter Surveillance is likely to benefit from their strategy both financially and emotionally.