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5 Best Spy Cameras

Adrian Mudd   June 3, 2014

These days, we see spy cameras everywhere. Or rather, we don’t see them, but we know they’re there. There are millions of covert cameras used in the UK alone for a variety of functions. Whether you want to check up on employees, spy on a cheating partner or protect your property, in 2014 you need a spy camera. Here is a selection of the very best spy cameras on the market.

Wall Clock Camera – £219 excluding vat.Spy Wall Clock

What is a Wall Clock Camera? The Wall Clock Camera is an archetypal room recording camera, with a high definition pinhole camera and digital recording system hidden. The clock would look perfectly in place in an office or room and is the most discreet clock camera on the market with no LED light or recording sounds.

Why choose a Wall Clock Camera? The best of hidden camera clocks, this is a great choice for first-time spy camera users. Simply hang the clock on the wall, charge the batteries and set up with the remote control. It is really easy to deploy, and is battery powered with a fully rechargeable Lithium powered battery providing 36 hours of deployment time.

How does a Wall Clock Camera work? The micro camera works through movement detection. Once activated, the clock will record for five minutes, then another five minutes if movement is detected, meaning if no movement is found power is not wasted, so you don’t have to charge the battery so often. This also ensures the files will play properly. After recording, you can connect the clock to a computer to view the footage with a USB cable supplied. Whether you’re looking for a device for recording office or domestic activity, this is a great place to start.

Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera – £165 excluding vat.

What Is The Day / Night CCTV Camera?

CCTV at your fingertips, the multi-tasker of the hidden camera world, this multifunctional device is a complete day and night motion capture surveillance camera, complete with a speaker and digital video recording system in one discreet wall-mounted camera.

Why Spy CCTV?

If you’re looking to survey the front of your property, look no further. All you have to do is connect to mains power and affix the camera to an outside wall. The device has an audible alert speaker so that a warning message can be broadcast, although this can be disabled is desired. The brilliance of this device is that it triggers an alarm message when motion or sound is detected, allowing you to respond immediately.

How This Spy Camera Work?

As soon as you activate the camera, the light will turn on, too. Even better, because of the light, even dark conditions can be captured in full colour. It can also be deployed during the day without a light. The SD recording technology is placed behind a safely water-tight lockable access door to stop other interfering with the device. Footage will feature a date and time stamp for evidential purposes. A backup battery is also installed in the case of power cuts. If you want to protect the outside of your property, your cars and your family, this is a great device to invest in, and at £125 is within anyone’s budget. After all, you can’t put a price on your safety.

iPhone HD Spy Camera System £279 excluding vat.

What is an iPhone Spy Camera? A covert camera built onto a camera phone might sound complicated, but it isn’t with this device.

Why choose an iPhone Spy Camera? This is the best device for Police, Private Investigators and Mystery Shoppers on the market, perfect for when you’re out and about and want to survey your surroundings. The camera is embedded in an iPhone case fitting iPhone 5 and 5s, with an optional dummy iPhone addition. Almost everyone has an iPhone these days, so there is no chance that your device will be detected.

How does an iPhone Spy Camera Work? The camera records in very high quality (2000p) wide-angle colour footage. It is placed in a subtle place at the bottom of the of the case for smooth recording. It can work in low light conditions, so is perfect in night clubs or pubs. Recording can start in a second without anyone noticing anything different. If you want uncompromising video footage whilst on the move, this is the camera for you.

3G Lamp Spy Camera – £375 excluding vat.

What is a 3G Lamp Spy Camera? One of the latest secret cameras released, this device is inconspicuous and fits into many settings without detectability. Its recording can be accessed remotely anywhere in the world with 3G. You can remotely video call to see what is happening or voice call to listen in with these types of spy cameras.

Why choose a 3G Lamp Spy Camera? The high resolution camera is on the cutting edge of spy technologies, allowing the user to view footage remotely across the globe. This spy camera offers high quality footage that works in low-light conditions. It is virtually unnoticeable in a home or business setting as it is small and discreet.

How does a 3G Lamp Spy Camera work? Just start a video call and watch what is happening The device offers a range of functionality, for example you can zoom in remotely. The lamp doesn’t have to be turned on for the camera to record, just plugged in. So if someone switches it off during recording, you won’t lose any data and will see a black screen so you know what has happened. What’s more, there is a back up battery supply which will provide a listening facility for a day if disconnected from the mains. You can then record footage captured on phone or device SD card wirelessly or record 1 minute live video clips in response to a remote user, even take still photos. Hidden cameras have evolved to a new level. This wireless spy camera is totally undetectable and can be used in a variety of ways, providing high quality recordings with no need to be at the location.

Bag Spy Camera Ultimate Package – £499.96 excluding vat.

What is the Bag Spy Camera Ultimate Package? A professional spy camera of law enforcement grade that can be used in multiple ways for evidence-gathering If you want to go all-out with your spy equipment, this is the product for you. With top-end video capability, time and date stamping, password protection and clear MP4 with audio. Bag, headphones, camera, remote, batteries, recorder, SD card, charger and all necessary cables are included.

Why choose the Bag Spy Camera Ultimate Package? This spy cameras package is well worth the money, encompassing everything you need to gather evidence in any situation. The camera quality is unrivalled, and as it is wide angle, it is easy to obtain the required shot at any range. All of the equipment is virtually invisible to the human eye.

How does the Bag Spy Camera Ultimate Package work? This amazing back package is fitted with a high quality Sony 550TV line, 0.2 lux CCD, wide angle camera unit to produce super-sharp images of 1280×960 – above even 720 HD mode! The touch-screen recorder can support SD cards of up to 32GB. The recorder offers full audio gains control for consistent clarity in MP4 sound. You can also remote commander the device at the touch of a button in your pocket and take still images for full subtlety and control. This really is a class-leading product, the ultimate in undercover gear.

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