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Can you Trust your Neighbours?

Adrian Mudd   May 28, 2014

There was once a time when everyone knew their neighbours, and you could trust that they would look out for you. If a cat got into your bins they would tell you, and you wouldn’t think twice about popping over to borrow some milk if you ran out. But is it time to start deploying outdoor cameras to monitor ongoings?

Are Outdoor Cameras Needed to Surveil Your Neighbourhood?

Unfortunately, today, many of us don’t even know our neighbours beyond an awkward nod at best. Some of us, however, are unlucky enough to know, be well acquainted with our neighbours, and find them to be in no way helpful or friendly.

Have you ever walked out to your car in the morning to find a mysterious scratch on the body work that you have never noticed before? Are your neighbours Noisy Neighbours unreasonably loud throughout the day and even at night? you may need outdoor cameras to ensure your safety and future peace of mind and/or privacy. Sometimes, a friendly chat might solve the situation, but for particularly tricky cases, gathering evidence in order to determine the root of the problem and proceed with legal action is key. Here are our tips on how to deal with bad neighbours using spy cameras.

Noisy Neighbours

In the case of bad neighbours who consistently shout or have loud parties on a regular basis, gathering audio evidence is vital in lodging a complaint to the council or police. For semi-detached houses, terraced homes and flats, the ability to record through your joining wall is a great way to do this.

Our Listen Through Wall Device would be a brilliant option, able to pick up sound through walls, partitions and windows. This product consists of a tiny contact microphone attached to a small amplifier that works to pick up the slightest vibrations from the wall and convert them into sound. We include stereo headphones so that you can monitor the sound, and there is also a handy audio output connection for attaching a recorder (additional recorder required). With this device, you can capture any noise from your neighbours’ home and record for evidential use and information purposes. Now, onto protecting your property with outdoor cameras.

Protecting your Property

CCTV outdoor Camera against wall

Whether you keep finding odd bits of rubbish on your lawn near the fence, or wondering where that strange scratch on your car came from, more often than we expect neighbours can be the culprits – catch them in the act with outdoor spy cameras. Maybe you’re even concerned about how they’re looking after their dog.

If you want to deter further nuisance, whilst collecting footage for potential use, our Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera is perfect. It features four wireless surveillance cameras with infrared capacity, and a compact 7 inch LCD display tablet recorder and receiver. You can watch any activity that occurs, and the sight of the CCTV cameras is sure to prevent your problem neighbours bothering you any longer.

However, if you intend to contact the authorities about your complaints, you will need video surveillance that your nightmare neighbour won’t notice. Our Bug Detector Combo System is so good it’s used by the police and private investigators. This undetectable spy camera can simply be placed inside a car or house window looking out onto your neighbour’s property.

Don’t put false trust in annoying neighbours any longer, get the information you need and worry no more. Contact us to discuss this issue in full and to talk about our range of outdoor spy cameras.