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Don’t Fall Victim To Being Spied On

Adrian Mudd   June 2, 2015

Are you aware of the today’s spying circumstances? Does it even concern you? Statistics state that it affects us all. Recently, it’s been said that there are a staggering 6.1 million cameras in the UK. With this in mind, it would seem that Brits have no chance of preventing spies from keeping a close eye on us. In actual fact, we can.

>>UK Spy Camera Statistics

Every individual deserves their privacy at whatever cost, at Spy Equipment UK we understand that. With the threat of privacy no longer existing, we have put our expertise about privacy protection into this article. This rare insight into the spy industry is specifically for you read and use in your everyday life.

Who Could be Spying on me and Why?Spy

The Government

The government are the worst culprit for invading our privacy. They are the people who know everything about everyone but still insist on knowing more. Of course, this is for a good reason when linked to criminal offences but where does the line stop? The Government no doubt have a list the size of Britain itself, listing why they spy on people. The question is why would they spy on you? Maybe they are investigating you personally because they suspect you are conspiring against them and the law? Maybe they suspect you are involved in something illegal?

Your Neighbours

We all know there’s such thing as nosey neighbours but a lot of them take it to the next level. Although this is usually harmless, there are many counts of nosey neighbours that take a turn for the worst. They will most likely be spying on you due to a quarrel over car parking spaces or volume of noise etc.


Your employer may find it necessary to spy on you. This isn’t a crime and they are only protecting their business after all but what about your rights? Your employers will be spying on you to monitor how you work, how you deal with certain situations and maybe they suspect you are capable of something along the lines of theft? This, of course, is the worst case scenario.

Who is spying?

Your Spouse

When trust is broken or suspicions occur, your partner is very likely to begin watching your every move and go beyond the boundaries when doing so. This is typically to confirm whether you are actually betraying them or going out with your friends like you said. A cheating partner is understandably one of the worst forms of betrayal but does that give your partner the right to spy on you?

Anyone with an Agenda

Anyone who you may or may not have met with a hidden agenda is perhaps the biggest threats of all. All the above have valid reasons to spy but what about the rest of the world? These people are more likely to spy on you via your car as they won’t have access to any of your personal belongings. Their reasons could be anything from an innocent stalker to someone who has the intention of revenge. This is the rarest form of spying, but that doesn’t mean we will pretend it doesn’t exist and neither should you.

How are They Spying on me?

Phone hacking

– Are there unexplained charges on your phone bill? Is your phone opening and closing apps or sending text messages by itself? Is the battery always drained? Has your data usage gone sky high for no reason?

>>iPhones have been outed as having surveillance “backdoors” that anyone could access. Read more.

Computer hacking

Does you computer pop up with fake antivirus messages? Are there unwanted browser tool bars? Are your internet searches redirected? Do you keep seeing random pop ups? Are your friends receiving fake emails from your email account? Have there been any unexpected software installs?

Car tracking Vehicle tracker

Are there any little boxes or loose wires that don’t seem to belong there? Is there any loose or oddly coloured wires in the interior and exterior of the car? Is a dark coloured plastic box magnetically attached to the underside of your vehicle?

>>Learn if your car safe from security threats.

Phone tracking software

Do you keep seeing a suspicious program running in the background? Can you see different system files in file manager which can’t be manually removed? Does your phone indicate that there is free space available but you can’t access it?

Hidden cameras

Can you hear odd noises? Many older small, motion-sensitive cameras make an almost inaudible click or buzz when they operate Can you see random LED lights around your home?

>>Read how to find a hidden spy camera here.

How can I Prevent them from Invading my Privacy?

The next step to take is to prevent the person(s) in question from invading your privacy. As for doing it yourself, we would suggest that you get professional help. Odds are, whoever is spying on you knows what they’re doing and you may be way out of your limits.

Our top tip, above all else, would be to use specialist detection equipment. To match the equipment you have found you’ll need to play the spy at their own game. On our online store you will find a variety of equipment to protect your interests. Our top products include our variety of bug detectors, clever security solutions and telephone tap defeat.

Adrian Mudd

The Spy equipment UK team hope to have helped you maintain the level of privacy that you deserve. If you follow this article, you will be safe from prying eyes and have peace of mind. Let us know if our specialist spy equipment has helped you and feel free to get in touch regarding any queries or questions you may have.