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Guide to Buying a Spy Camera

Adrian Mudd   October 29, 2014

There are a multitude of reasons why you may need to invest in a spy camera. Whether you want to prove that your neighbours are being a nuisance, check that employees are working in your company when you are not present, or protect your car from vandalism, spy cameras have a huge variety of uses. These days, hidden cams are not just the domain of the police forces, private investigators or big brands, but the everyday individual.

With a spy cam you can get all of the evidence you need without any stress or issues. However, with so many products to choose from, how do you pick the right covert camera for your needs? Here are five steps on how to approach buying a spy camera.

1. What Do You Need a Spy Camera For?

The first thing you need to determine before you choose a camera is what you need to use the device for. There are many reasons to use a hidden camera, and each use could lead you to a different device.

Here are some of the most popular uses for a spy camera:Spy Camera Guide device and coin

  • Home security
  • Asset protection
  • Individual protection
  • Evidence of infidelity
  • Crime prevention
  • Investigations
  • Business needs
  • Proof of mistreatment
  • Insurance claims
  • Recording your day
  • Entertainment

Each of these situations has a particular spy camera that fits the brief. For example, to catch evidence of infidelity you might choose a WiFi spy cam that is disguised inside a bedside lamp, as it would be in a convenient place and allows you to watch the footage from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, for insurance claims you may choose a minicam to record your driving and prove you have not caused any accidents, or to record your day you could use a body-worn spy camera watch.

2. Which Type of Spy Camera do you Need?

Once you have pinpointed exactly what you need your covert camera for, you can decide which type of device to go for. There are a number of main categories of hidden camera to choose from:

Mini Spy Cameras

These cameras are the most inconspicuous but still incredibly powerful devices that are in the form of tiny boxes only around the size of 50p coin that can be hidden anywhere you want in everyday items. Mini spy cams are highly versatile, fitting in anywhere from a bedroom to an office, and can be moved around regularly to avoid those being filmed spotting the device and allowing you to alter and perfect the view. One of our most popular devices of this type is the Tiny Black Box Spy Camera System.

Disguised Covert Cameras

These devices are cameras hidden inside a convincing disguise object, such as digital radios, table lamps, or smoke alarms. In many cases, these items also work as the object they claim to be, and the camera can thus work through mains power or independently on battery power. Here you can leave the device in an area to record activity for a sustained period of time without arousing any suspicion.

Portable & Body Worn Spy Cameras

Body worn spy camera devices are disguised as normal objects that you may carry on your person, such as watches, or objects you take with you day-to-day, such as pens. Portable spy cameras allow you to record events as you go about your day, whether it be in a business meeting or on the street.

WiFi Spy Cams

Hiiden Wifi Speaker Camera Video

WiFi spy cameras allow the user to view footage both live and recorded at any time, from anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection. You can access footage via a program on any computer, smart phone or tablet, allowing you to quickly respond to this real-time information.

3G Spy Cams

3G covert cameras work in a similar way to WiFi cameras, except that you are able to access footage anywhere in the world with 3G access on your phone or PDA.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Outdoor cameras can either be noticeable CCTV cameras to deter individuals for property or asset protection, or covert devices that record evidence without alerting those filmed, for purposes such as complaints or legal proceeds.

outdoor spy camera on tree in woods

Once you have decided what your device will be used for, you can choose a camera type. From then on it is simply a matter of specification and aesthetics – such as which camera would look most natural in the recorded setting, or which camera has the right capabilities for your needs. One of our more popular models is the HD Field Spy – Outdoor/Game Camera.

3. Where is the Spy Camera Going to be Positioned?

The area where your spy camera will be installed is very important to which type of device you will want to choose. For example, if you intend to monitor your car, the device will be outdoors, which means you will want something that is waterproof and able to record in darkness with infrared, such as the Spy Pod Outdoor Security Camera. On the other hand, a camera intended to be used for spying in the workplace to record employees will be in an office with many people in it each day, so the main concern here is that it is undetectable or convincing as an everyday object. As such, something like the Decorative Plant Spy Camera may be more suitable.

Always choose a device that will go undetected in your chosen setting, whilst giving the camera a clear view throughout its use, with good light, angles and quality.

4. Other Points to Consider

What kind of video do you need? -All of our spy cameras deliver superbly high quality, but some offer that extra HD edge. Perhaps you would like a motion-activated device so that you don’t have to spend time trawling through empty footage? Do you need wide angle shots of large spaces, or close-up images of detail? All of these are vital points to consider.

How do you want to access the footage?

  • Do you wish to view the images or footage you obtain simply from putting the memory card in your computer at will, watch it live from anywhere in the world via WiFi, or a bit of each? We have a gadget to fit any need, but it’s important to work out what kind of accessibility you need before you buy.

Who will be viewing the videos or images?

  • If you are using a spy camera for evidential purposes, you may need to share the footage with the police, insurance companies or courts. It is key to consider how many people you will need to share the footage with so you choose a device that is clear for all viewers.

5. Where to Buy a Spy Camera

spy equipment uk logo

A spy camera is an important investment, and so it is integral to purchase your device from a reputable source. At Spy Equipment UK we are ex-policemen and former private investigators, and so we have extensive experience of using spy cameras and related devices. Our equipment is of unrivalled standard, with the latest spy technology that remains one step ahead.

With us, you will also receive support after you have received your covert camera, where we can help you in anything from setting the device up, to advising you on how to best use it and downloading the footage. Buying from a supportive team will mean you get the most out of your device at all times.

These are just a few beginning pointers to approaching the purchase of a spy camera. If you are looking to invest in a cover filming device, it is essential that you buy exactly what you are looking for. To find out more about all of the best products available, contact us today for expert advice, and your spy camera will deliver results.