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How Much Suspicion Justifies Buying Our Spy Gear?

Adrian Mudd   March 15, 2018

A good portion of our customers are those who feel they are being cheated on. They come to us for some spy equipment, in pursuit of the truth. We help a lot of them. Even if they find out the ugly truth through the use of spy gear, they are usually grateful.

And so are we; if we knew our best friend’s wife was cheating on him, we’d tell them. That’s the same way we see is. People have a right, a right to the truth. Especially in a relationship where there shouldn’t be any lies whatsoever. Most of the time, the trust crimes are committed in a digital sphere. That’s why we have a wealth of information and products that help detect mistrust online. Discover Phone and Computer Cheating: What Equipment Is Best? for more.

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We understand the weird middle ground this places you in, however. Yes, you suspect a lie, but what if you’re wrong? Especially if you buy our gear and begin lying to your partner yourself. The ethics, they’re overwhelming. So, how much suspicion warrants buying our spy gear, such as hidden cameras? Well, there’s a lot of varying dimensions to that – we’re going to explore them now.

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Is This Behaviour Out Of The Ordinary?

We used to say if you have any inkling towards your partner cheating, buy the equipment. Don’t think twice. Do it and if you find out they are, you’ve found the truth. If they aren’t, no worries. However, we’re looking to revise that position, because it made us feel a little uneasy.

So, the first thing you should ask ‘is this behaviour out of the ordinary?’. If your partner has never, ever done anything to hurt you, then this shady behaviour may be because of something else. It would be unfair to accuse someone who has always been a great partner. So, if that’s the case we suggest your level of suspicion should be near astronomical. However, that’s only if they’re a god of a partner who worships the ground you walk on.

Have They Mistreated You In The Past?

This segment is for the partners who have generally been sort of mean in the past. As there are literally thousands of those, this may be a common situation for our visitors, who may be looking to purchase spy gear. If they have mistreated you in the past – and this doesn’t necessarily need to mean cheating, it can be anything as far as neglected you emotionally – then the magnitude of suspicion need not be seismic. Not at all.

If a partner often mistreats you it means they’re more likely to cheat simply because they care less. That’s a fact. So, if you have been mistreated to some extent, we’d say you need a moderate amount of suspicion. It doesn’t need to be on your mind constantly, but if it’s bothering you, follow your gut. Find the truth and do some wider reading via our in depth article Is it Ethical to Spy on a Cheating Partner?

Have They Cheated In The Past?

The question we don’t like to ask, but have to. If they have cheated in the past then it is in their nature. If the suspicion was aroused, then take action. We are here to help you, with the provision of spy gear, direct advice and snippets of information. Read our article What Counts as Cheating?

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It’s a difficult time for most this. Whether to take action. Finding out the truth. The whole situation is a total ordeal, all we want is to make it smoother. Need recommendations on which spy gear to buy if you suspect cheating? We published an article on that not too long back. Have any other questions, give us a call or find our contact details. We’re more than happy to answer them.