How To Find Spy Equipment Like A Pro

Thomas Devile   September 7, 2021

Are you the subject of someone’s watchful gaze? If you have a feeling that you are being spied on, listened to or tracked in any way, we can help you know for sure with this guide on how to find hidden spy equipment like a pro. In a public sphere, surveillance is all around us for our own safety but, in a private setting, unwanted devices can cause anxiety and panic. At Spy Equipment UK, we have a dedicated team of counter surveillance professionals who are more than happy to share their top tips on detecting spy gadgets.

Are Your Whereabouts Being Surveilled?

someone spying with a spy camera

Whether you suspect an individual or organisation is monitoring your movements, we are here to help you get to the bottom of the suspicion. With surveillance more prominent in the 21st Century, how do you know if you are being watched? We’ve seen numerous cases and helped many victims of private surveillance throughout the years. Here are a few reasons as to why someone may be being spied on, which we’ve witnessed first hand before:

  • If someone owns a company
  • As an employee with a furtive position
  • If someone has a stalker
  • In a romantic relationship or a marriage. If you wish to purchase a device to help you uncover the truth as a suspicious partner, discover our infidelity detection range
  • As a celebrity or VIP
  • If someone has recently made a sizeable insurance claim
  • As an attendee of behind closed doors meetings
  • If someone is extremely wealthy or has valuable assets
  • Should someone want to capture personal information
  • If a family member, friend or associate is also under surveillance

How To Scan For Spy Equipment Yourself

Now that we have established a number of reasons that might lead to you being spied on, let’s take a look at how to detect spy equipment. There are certain things you can try if you suspect that there is a device deployed in your home, office or any other area that you can be found at frequently. However, as we will expand upon later, advanced devices may manage to evade these techniques, in which case you’ll require the services of a counter-surveillance professional. Firstly, when considering how to find spy gadgets, we’d advise that you conduct the following checks. Below are some suggestions on how to check for items such as spy cameras, listening devices and car trackers.

Download A Network Scanning App

If scanning the room or area with your smartphone doesn’t reveal any devices and you still hold concerns, download a network scanning app. Free apps such as Fing (available on iOS and Android devices) allow you to scan for spy cameras and other devices that are using a particular network. Such apps, however, will only show devices that are using the single network selected. What’s more, devices that record directly to a small SIM card will also not be detected. This method is worth a shot, considering there is no cost involved and a device may well be connected to the WiFi.

Don’t Forget The Tracker

vehicle tracking device car
Those who may have you under surveillance might not just use spy cameras and listening devices but tracking devices too. These come in many forms, such as asset trackers and people trackers, but how do you find a tracking device? Below, we’ve outlined a simple four-step checklist about how to detect a car tracker:

  • Start by checking the exterior, as this is the most likely deployment location. Use a powerful light source to inspect the vehicle fully. You’ll want to look under the chassis, behind bumpers, around the side mirrors and everywhere else.
  • Lift the bonnet – whilst it is more likely that the tracker will be on the outside of the car, some will go to the extent of placing a device under the bonnet.
  • Inspect under the dashboard – Are there any dubious wires hidden behind the dashboard? Give this area of the car a thorough inspection, to determine whether any wires relating to a vehicle tracker may be hidden in this area. If you are stumped as to what to look out for when you access behind the dashboard, we can always help.
  • Finally, check the boot – have a look under parcel shelves and around spare tyres.

Buy An Economy Range Bug Detector

If you have been unable to detect any devices using the methods above, it may be time to invest in an economy range bug detection device. All of the devices that we sell in this particular range require no specialist knowledge and are easy to use, yet they provide you with much more reliable results than testing using the above methods would. In our economy range bug detection section we have devices such as a spy camera finder and a bug detector.

These types of devices are extremely cost-effective, provide a lot of time-saving and are ideal for those that expect to use it more than once and at several locations. If you purchase a product in this range and require support on how to use it for optimum results, we are available to speak during our usual opening hours on 024 7601 0588.

Be Sure With A Professional Counter Surveillance Sweep

specialist counter surveillance device

When it comes to being completely sure about being spied on, there is no better method than a professional counter surveillance sweep service. This method involves a professional team, such as Spy Equipment UK, visiting the location that you suspect may be bugged and making use of the latest specialist bug detection available. Whichever type of spy gadget that may be deployed to surveil you and regardless of the set-up of the device, a professional counter surveillance sweep will determine whether or not you are being spied on, laying your suspicions to rest.

Objects That May Actually Be Spy Gadgets

It is truly surprising to learn that some items are actually pieces of spy equipment and, in most cases, people wouldn’t suspect a thing or look twice. This is because, as spy technology progresses and becomes smaller, it can now be incorporated into almost any everyday item and still be just as effective in its purpose. Below are just some of the everyday items that may be containing a spy gadget:

android desktop charger camera

Consult The Surveillance Experts

At Spy Equipment UK, we are committed to helping our customers uncover the truth and gather evidence through the ethical use of spy gadgets. We are also equally dedicated to helping those that are victims of private surveillance gain peace of mind and freedom from the person, group of people or organisation that deploys the equipment. If you have any questions about our guide or would like free, confidential advice about your scenario, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.