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Outdoor Spy Camera Systems

Adrian Mudd   February 24, 2014

If you ever talk to anybody about spy cameras, the first thing that will come to mind will be pinhole cameras hidden in all manner of different everyday objects inside the home or office. Of these, specialist outdoor spy camera systems, as well as body-worn camera systems, are preferred by Mystery Shoppers and Private Investigators due to their ability to be transported & used discreetly on the move.

Waterproof Outdoor Spy Camera Systems

Although these portable hidden cameras could be deemed as being capable of being used outside, they would not in reality be deemed as being outdoor spy cameras in their own right. Out-of-doors surveillance is often viewed in a different way to indoor covert monitoring. When people think of spy camera systems outdoors, the first thing that will often come to mind is large weatherproof CCTV cameras, designed not only to capture evidence all manner of criminal activity, but also as a visible deterrent to those who may have undertaken some misdemeanour had there been a realistic chance of not being caught in-the-act on video. Funnily enough, we do feature a device exactly like this, the Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera. The key point however, is that this should not be considered the only option when it comes to outdoor spy cameras, and the perfect design will often vary based on the circumstances of the operation.

Most Suitable Outdoor Cameras

Finding the perfect design for covert hidden camera systems for use outdoors has always been problematic. Variations in temperature not associated with an internally deployed device, water ingress from exposure to the elements are two main factors, but also the risk of a camera lens being covered by rain or snow distorting imagery will also be detrimental. Taking into account all of these factors meant that until the last few years outdoor systems were not really readily available. In recent years there has been an increase in the availability of discreet wildlife monitoring equipment including camera systems.

Battery and Mains Powered Outdoor Cameras

These are also often referred to as hunting or game cameras. There have been many developments in battery powered camouflaged self contained camera and recording units. The 4G Outdoor Camouflage Camera and the Spy Pod Outdoor Security Camera are serious outdoor spy gadgets.

Recently, these outdoor spy cameras have progressed to producing high definition 1080p video footage and high resolution still images as well as the development of the capability to send movement triggered image alerts using MMS and GPRS systems. Add on to this total darkness video recording capability by use of automated 940NM infra-red LED illuminators and it is easy to see how these systems are being adopted for use as outdoor spy camera systems. If deployed where there is greenery, these compact but powerful surveillance devices can often capture criminal acts in remote locations where previously adding a mains powered CCTV overt system would have been unthinkable. However, worthwhile usage is certainly not restricted to this type of scenario.

Catching Criminals With Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Householders are now taking advantage of these powerful spy tools by fitting them to trees in the grounds of their property to observe and capture misdemeanours whilst they are away on holiday. The Outdoor Game Spy Camera is one of the leading outdoor covert cameras, with colour recording and a built-in floodlight makes this the perfect choice for the home. Even some businesses are getting in on the act. Some have successfully used these systems to capture theft from company fuel tanks or theft of scrap where it was under normal circumstances impossible to add a CCTV unit. As technology develops the outdoor spy camera will evolve even further. They used to say that ‘walls have ears’, but now it could be said that ‘the trees have eyes’.

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