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Spy Equipment Fights Cyber Crime

Adrian Mudd   May 24, 2018

Not too long ago we could browse and feel free. We would google to our heart’s content and once we found the result we were after, we’d be done. Now, the situation has changed rather dramatically so. If we search now, we are seemingly tied to that term as potential buyers; not only do we see it on Facebook, we see it pop-up everywhere we go online.

It’s not a nice feeling, the one that you are being watched. For years we feared an Orwellian society, and this is perhaps the closest we’ve been to one to. As purveyors of the truth, we have been worried and we have responded. Learn more about us via our about us page. With threats pervasive online, it is time to ask yourself, Are You Internet Security Savvy?

Is Internet Security a Fear of Yours?

Your on-computer habits shouldn’t be a commodity that can be sold. Say we buy a pint of beer on the weekend, that beer’s advertisements aren’t directed at us for months following; we believe it should be the same for when we’re on our computers. For many, this feels battle feels like an uphill one. And this isn’t the only fear, too. Find out more about encrypted devices and how such a device protects you online via our article How do encryption devices work?

Fight Cyber Crime and Online Fraud

It’s not only our online habits that people fear are being misused, our most sensitive credentials are at risk also. Most do their banking and such online now; it’s no surprise, all banks implore you to do so. And considering each year Online Fraud is on the Rise, there is a growing demand to stay covert online, seemingly a difficult task.

Rid These Woes

From targeted advertising to cyber crime, these woes and all in-between need not be an issue with Spy Equipment UK on your side.

We have a new product we’re very excited about: Cloakey Online Privacy Tool. With the Cloakey Online Privacy Tool, you can effectively set up a veiled operating software on any computer. Simply plug in the USB and go.

iCloak secure domain USB

With our new piece of state-of-the-art piece of spy equipment, you hide whilst online. It offers a web browser that keeps you totally anonymous and also hides all your activity from future users on the very computer you use.

When in-use, rather than talking to the computer’s hard drive as you would usually, the USB sets up a temporary memory that is erased as soon as your session is over. Many believe they can get the same experience from simply using incognito mode; this is far from the truth. As just said, without our gear, even when in incognito mode, your session will be remembered by the computer’s hard drive.

We want all our clients to feel safe online. With this recent instalment, you can. You can also use it to store the files you may have from using our gear.  Find more devices and protection products in our computer monitoring range.

Spy Equipment Against Cyber Crime

We design, stock, and manufacture a range of high-tech security, surveillance and CCTV equipment for all of your business and personal needs. You could get a TICK Car Asset GPS Tracker from our asset tracker range for your car or perhaps even a Portable Battery Pack Audio Recorder.

If you have any questions, or you are unsure about the type of security system you may require, contact us. Our friendly, professional team will happily take your call on 024 76 010588 or, alternatively, you can drop us an email at