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Surveillance Equipment For The Home Explained

Adrian Mudd   October 16, 2015

Surveillance equipment within the home might feel intrusive and unnecessary, but there are plenty of reasons that spy cameras in your house could be a real boon.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you or having an affair, concealed cameras could provide you with the evidence that you need to confront them. On the other hand, in the best case scenario, you could find that you have nothing to worry about and our surveillance equipment could simply provide you with peace of mind.

Monitoring Home VisitorsMonitoring Home Visitors

Employing people to work in your home can be nerve-wracking – people like cleaners and gardeners can easily gain access to our most valuable possessions when they’re working around the house. If you suspect that theft is occurring, a concealed camera or two can be the perfect way to confirm your suspicions or suss out the whole story.

If you have a nanny then you’ve clearly invested financially and emotionally in your children’s future. It’s only natural to want to ensure that your childcare provider is behaving in an appropriate manner around your children and is the right person to whom you should be entrusting them. A nanny cam can help you to keep tabs, make suggestions as to where elements of care could be improved and check that nothing untoward is happening.

Keeping an Eye on Loved Ones

Also, consider the peace of mind that a covert camera could offer you when you have a relative suffering from dementia, or who has carers coming on a regular basis. Not only can you check that your loved one is safe and well, you can also ensure that the standards of care are high.

With many of the options that we offer, it’s possible to control your cameras remotely via Wi-Fi or 3G. It means that you can watch remotely to check that the people close to you are trustworthy, and even record anything you want to watch back at a later date.

Monitor Your Home on Your PhoneUltimate Peace of Mind Solutions

Whether you’re at work, or on holiday 500 miles away, it’s always reassuring to be able to check in on your home and possessions to ensure that they’re safe.

The media’s interest in crime reporting has meant that many people are also conscious of security concerns arising from outside of the home environment – burglaries and damage coming from external sources. Our external cameras are extremely popular as they allow homeowners to collect evidence in all sorts of outdoor locations – irrespective of low light or tricky environments.

The devices can record day and night and their long battery life allows them to remain in place for long periods of time; having video footage of a break in or incident can be extremely helpful to the police if an incident does arise and could even help to apprehend the culprits and recover any valuables they may have taken.

Covert cameras are highly sophisticated these days, making them easy to conceal around the home . Depending on the height at which you require the camera and the view that you want to have, you can choose from lots of options to make sure you find the perfect camera for your surveillance needs.

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Carbon Monoxide CameraSimple, Affordable Hidden Camera Solutions

For most homes a ┬áin a camera concealed in a carbon monoxide alarm would fit in easily and raise no suspicions – our model is also Wi-Fi enabled. A camera hidden in a doorbell chime would also be appropriate for most rooms of the house, and has the added advantage that adding multiple cameras would not seem odd.

You can also find cameras disguised as DAB digital radios, smoke alarms, clocks, tissue boxes and air fresheners – there’s sure to be something that would fit in in your home.

How Easy Is Equipment Deployment?

To make installing spy cameras in your home as easy and painless as possible, we offer a professional service undertaken by specialist fitters to ensure you get the most out of your cameras. Combine the skills of a private investigator, a professional decorator, a CCTV fitter and an engineer and you’ll have some idea of the level of service you’ll be getting!

Our team are used to working out of hours and can fit discreet cameras in a variety of types of room, so they’re sure to be able to work to your specifications.

Spy camera technology is now far more commonplace and sophisticated than it used to be. We offer a fantastic range of hidden surveillance system solutions to suit every scenario, including for domestic use. Check out our blog to find a variety of articles about spy cameras as well as interesting statistics. Alternatively, you could ask one of our experts using the chat box or contact us via our online form.