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The Best Voice Recorder For Your Home

Grace Jalowiecka   August 24, 2018

Spy Equipment UK have seen a massive increase in people purchasing voice recorder products over the past couple of years, with people relying on our discrete range to make sure they capture the most out of what others have to say. If you are looking for an everyday voice recording device to blend into your home interior, then you have come to the right place.

Our Extensive Voice Recorder Range

We are always on the lookout for new ways to adapt our voice recorder devices for the home and we guarantee that our products will leave you with no room for second guessing security. Furthermore, all of our products are built with optimum usability, it’s now up to you to decide which one is the best voice recorder for your home!

Key Fob Voice Recorder

Adrian Mudd, owner of Spy Equipment UK, comments on our voice recorder products: “When it comes to spy equipment, many would believe that hidden cameras would come out on top, but in reality, unless something physical is believed to be occurring in the area in which they are deployed, then it is the spoken word that is most important.

“At home, it may be that you suspect that your partner is cheating and need to record what they are saying when you are away from the home. Whatever the circumstance, Spy Equipment UK has a superb range of covert voice recorders to make audio evidence gathering very simple.”

Double Plug Adapter Spy Voice Recorder

double plug adaptor voice recorder

As well as acting as a fully-functioning double plug adapter, the product also acts as a covert audio recording device, the perfect addition to any room in the house. It is fitted with a micro SD card with up to 32GB of data and will record up to 999 separate voice files up to a 7 metre radius.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Wifi Camera

carbon monoxide alarm wifi camera


Carbon Monoxide alarms are one of the most important safety features in a home, so combining a voice recorder within the product is a step in the right direction when it comes to spy equipment. As well as having a superb battery life, the standby time is up to 76 days with a very respectable recording time of up to 72 hours.

The Carbon Monoxide Alarm Wifi Camera is very easy to use and comes with a USB lead to transfer your audio files from product to PC and can be fixed to any wall, ceiling or mantlepiece using screws provided.

Air Freshener Voice Activated Recorder

Air Freshener Voice Recorder

The air freshener voice activated recorder is one of our best-sellers and we have had to continually re-stock our shelves following high demand. The device itself has tremendous battery life and looks like a very natural addition to the home. Whether you are considering placing it in the living room, bathroom or bedroom, you will get maximum, high-quality sound coverage within every room.

How Effective Are Voice Recorders?

All of our hidden listening devices have been specifically designed and manufactured by our own team of spy experts, so you are confident in knowing that your purchase is guaranteed to bring you desired results. So, regardless of where you are wanting to place your discreet voice recorder, you will always have a high-quality voice file to listen to, regardless of size, to check to see where the concern in your suspicions .

Spy Equipment UK – Talk To Us Today

The Spy Equipment UK Team have made it their mission to provide high quality products which have been tried and tested before being shipped worldwide to our trusted customers. If you think you could benefit from a voice recorder, please contact our friendly team today.