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5 Hilarious Spy Camera Pranks

Adrian Mudd   July 6, 2016

If you have aspirations of making a viral video, then without doubt the best way of doing so is by installing some spy cameras and playing pranks on friends or unsuspecting members of the public.

Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube involve people using spy cameras to record people’s reactions to their practical jokes, and more often than not, their reactions are absolutely priceless. The possibilities are endless. Whether you want to record yourself scaring a loved one or pranking a friend at college or work, all you need is a spy camera and some confidence to get your golden footage.

Not only will a viral video make you something of a local celebrity among friends, but many people actually make money from their videos. If the footage you capture is funny enough, you could recoup what you paid for your spy camera in no time at all. Before you buy a spy camera and attempt your own prank, here are five hilarious spy camera pranks to give you some inspiration:

Hidden Camera Uber Prank

This taxi driver uses a hidden camera to capture her passenger’s reaction to her very loud singing during the journey. The driver begins singing Wonderwall by Oasis as soon as the young man gets into the car, and his awkward reaction to the performance is priceless. He even begins secretly recording his driver so that he can show friends. The driver then tells the passenger that she’s an aspiring musician and decides to give him a few more songs. The poor guy looks like he’s going to cry throughout. This is one Uber journey he’ll never forget.

Hidden Camera Scare Prank

Notorious YouTube prankster Shay Carl recruited a young girl to help pull off his spy camera prank. His sidekick stayed hidden in a cardboard box until the victim walked into the room. The whole prank was caught using a spy camera, and the reaction was brilliant. He will be having nightmares about this prank for a very long time.

Kevin and Lauren’s Hidden Camera Prank

Celebrities also make the most of spy cameras. On the popular TV show The Ellen Show, the host was secretly instructing two store assistants on what to say to unsuspecting customers. Some of the things the store assistants were told to do and say to the customers were utterly bizarre. The whole shop was rigged with secret cameras which captured the hilarious prank. The two actors even began kissing over the head of an awkward and uncomfortable customer. Nobody expects to see that when they go shopping!

Ashton Kutcher’s Hidden Camera Prank in Australia

Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher put on his best South African accent and dropped by a store in disguise to give customers a demonstration of a brand new range of tablet computer. He created as many awkward situations as possible, including making a bed on the floor for people to lie on with him and he also took a selfie while kissing an elderly lady who had entered the store. At the end of the prank, he decided to challenge a customer to an arm wrestle.

The rules were simple; if Ashton won the arm wrestle, the customer had to buy a tablet, but if the customer won he would be given one free of charge. It’s needless to say the customer won pretty easily and Ashton ran away fearing he’d be sacked for the stunt. The customers were all amazed when they discovered the room was rigged with spy cameras and a Hollywood star was beneath the fake glasses, wig and pretty poor South African accent.

The Unexpected John Cena Hidden Camera Prank

The Unexpected John Cena Prank   Hidden Camera

John Cena is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history and has become a household name… and a meme. But it turns out that, not only is he an incredible athlete, he’s also an absolutely excellent prankster – as some of his biggest fans found out. A load of John Cena super fans were invited to an audition, but they could never expected what would happen when they arrived.

The fans, young and old, were asked just what it was that they loved about the wrestling legend. They all reeled off praise for the star, saying what a great role model and all-round guy he is. Then the unsuspecting fans are asked just what they’d do if they ever met John Cena.

As you can imagine, a lot of them said they’d pass out if they ever met their hero. Before Cena burst into the room, each super fan was asked to do their very best John Cena ring introduction. Little did they know, they were introducing the man himself into the room. They will never forget the moment John Cena burst into their audition. Just look at those reactions!

5 Best Hidden Cameras For Pranks

1. Swivel Lens Wide Angle Cam

This portable hidden camera fits easily in the palm of your hand and provides a wide angled, HD view with audio. Use this gadget for pranks on the move!

2. Desktop Charger Camera

The desktop charger camera is a fantastic WiFi spy camera solution. Cleverly styled as a desktop smartphone charger, this device is perfect for home or office pranks! Compatible with both Android and iPhone.

3. Air Freshener WiFi Camera

This common looking air freshener incorporates a HD spy camera and digital recording system. Your pranking victim won’t suspect a thing. A live stream can even be viewed remotely from your phone!

4. Tiny Black Box Spy Camera

This compact black box system contains a HD camera and produces sharp video and audio. Hide this camera between an item of your choice such as between books on a shelf to perform the ultimate prank!

5. Spy Clock WiFi Camera

This discreet system is an ideal hidden camera solution for pranks around the office or at home.

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