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Counter Surveillance – How to find the Spies

Adrian Mudd   May 31, 2010

With the advent of smaller and smaller bugging devices, and a much higher rate of electronic crime, people all over the world are looking to private detectives and security organisations to help combat the growing trend. Many Private Detective companies will offer a counter surveillance service where they will come to your premises and search for bugs€™, usually done with a range of publicly available RF detectors, everyday tools and some common sense. This post aims to show how the D.I.Y. Detective can ensure his/her own integrity without relying on a service from others.

Counter Surveillance & Bug Detection

When it comes to Counter Surveillance and bug detection the first thing you to use would be an RF Detector but to use the RF Detector you first need to understand is the different types of RF bugs that are available. The most commonly available RF bugging device are the GSM Bugs that allows others to dial in remotely and listen to the surroundings of the device, this means it transmits audio via a radio frequency.

Other commonly used RF bugging devices are UHF Bugs that transmit audio via radio frequency to a receiving device that is usually connected to a recording device. Both of these types of RF bug come in two types, €˜”live” and “€˜burst”€™. €Live means that the unit is transmitting when in use and Burst€™ means the unit will collect audio over a short period of time and transmit the data every 20-30 minutes. This means live”€ RF bugs can be detected when they are in use (e.g. when being called into) and transmitting audio. €˜Burst bugs, however require an RF detector to be left in place for approx. 30 minutes, if a burst€™ bug is detected a physical check is the way forward.

Understanding Counter Surveillance Tools

Although an RF Detector is an essential piece of the D.I.Y. Detective’s arsenal you will also need something as simple as a standard took kit. The tool kit you will need for doing your physical checks of an area, this should include behind all power sockets and light fittings as these are good mains power access points. Another useful item for the D.I.Y. Detective is a Snake Camera for checking the spots behind plug sockets and any tight space that would be good for concealing surveillance devices. The biggest past of the D.I.Y Detective’s arsenal, however, is common sense €- look at an area and see how you would go about bugging the room and start from there.

99.9% of bug hunts will end without anything being found however it is always worth being as thorough as possible to protect against the 0.1%. Check out our sophisticated Contact Pro RF Detector/Receiver and browse other counter surveillance that we’ve developed using the latest, groundbreaking technology. The quality of our surveillance products undoubtedly increases your chances of getting the tangible results you’re looking for. Contact us to talk about the devices in this product line in detail.