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Where to Hide a Spy Camera

Adrian Mudd   December 4, 2013

There’s nothing worse than watching back a piece of carefully considered surveillance only to find an object in the frame covering your shot. Imagine this happening when you’re trying to capture activity for critical evidence in a prosecution case the scenario gets even more frustrating. The challenges of capturing material as part of a covert operation with a hidden spy camera be stressful enough without extra obstacles adding to it. Don’t go to the effort of installing a hidden camera if the results aren’t going to be satisfactory, for both professional or amateur investigators.

Where To Put A Spy Camera

When you’re deciding where to place your hidden camera, remember to take into account the reason you’re hiding it in the first place. Have a clear idea of what you would like to record – are you suspicious of your neighbour from across the road or is it someone in your home that you want to keep an eye on?

In the instance of your neighbour, you want to make sure you’ve got a clear view of them through your spy camera while ensuring they won’t see the device; an upstairs window or a porch plant could be an excellent option. To catch someone closer to home you will need to think about it more carefully, but try to gauge the rooms the person spends the most time in and go from there.

How To Conceal It

A hidden camera can only be useful if it does what it promises, and stays hidden. You’ll know your houses better than we do, but it’s worth thinking about the most naturally positioned items or anything that doesn’t get moved very often. Cameras hidden in everyday objects, such as the Junction Box WiFI Camera and Tissue Box Spy Camera can be very effective, as these types of items are seen on such a regular basis that they are unlikely to draw suspicion. However, do make sure that your chosen design fits into your intended environment.

The Smoke Alarm WiFi Camera in particular has huge value in this regard, as nobody would ever think to check or tamper with it. Ensure you don’t attempt to conceal a camera behind anything that could easily fall to one side or in front of the camera lens, for example in a plant pot. In this case, it’s best to go with our pre-built Decorative Plant Spy Camera. This will only add to your frustrations if you don’t get the evidence you are looking for.

>>Find the perfect hiding place with our room-by-room guide on how to hide your spy camera

The Value Of Audio

In the case of lens obstruction, a partial or blanked out screenshot is worth very little without supporting evidence that can be provided by an audio & voice recorder. This lack of backup evidence could result in the loss of expensive resources or even lose a one-off opportunity to capture valuable intelligence. The spy camera’s value for money is increased hugely when it includes a recording device.

In general, this is because a sound or voice recorder continues to operate even when the visual surveillance has been compromised. At worst, audio indicators can provide clues to areas of further investigation. Landmark cases have been brought to court and won, thanks to the UK legal system accepting audio recordings as admissible evidence, so even if you find the perfect hiding place, getting an integrated piece of recording kit is still worthwhile.

Whether you’re a professional private investigator or this is your first foray into the world of surveillance, nobody wants to be left disappointed when it comes to watching your footage back. Follow our guide to ensure you don’t get caught out when using a spy camera.

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