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How Good Are Spy Cameras At Night?

Adrian Mudd   May 12, 2015

Like the human eye, a lot of cameras don’t tend to have a ‘night vision’ feature. Even the newest of the new in camera technology seem to have missed out; compensating for night vision with a blinding torch which is anything but subtle. Don’t fret because at Spy Equipment UK we have a wide variety of night surveillance cameras. So we have made it our responsibility to tell you how good they work, the benefits of owning your own and our top recommendations. Keep reading to discover the anatomy of the night spy camera and why it’s such a good form of surveillance in the UK.

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Night Spy CamerasHow Does Night Vision Work?

Night vision isn’t just restricted to those iconic night vision goggles we all wanted for Christmas, they are in fact a valid and necessary form of surveillance. Night vision is a form of image enhancement where a specialist camera lens turns the darkness of the night into a visible world of life and movement. This is usually done thermally using infrared radiation.

What is Infrared Radiation?

Infrared itself, is electromagnetic energy which travels through a wavelength. Technically speaking, it picks up the heated energy of a living thing and sends it to the camera which processes the image into a clear, visible feed.

What are the Features of Cameras at night?

  • Motion detection sensors
  • HD camera lens
  • Camouflage
  • Invisible infrared illuminators
  • Waterproof
  • Notifications via MMS and email
  • Battery powered
  • SD card

Ultimately, there are endless benefits of a camera that can record in the dark. We’ve also narrowed it down the top 4 uses, touching safety and somewhat eccentric activities.

Home Security

Home Security may go without saying but in reality, maybe it’s never crossed your mind. Research consistently shows the peak time for violent offending is weekend nights which is something all UK homeowners should think about when protecting their property. Most criminal activity happens at night which is why a night camera is such a necessity. going back to the title, the protection if offers your home and your family is the exact reason of why spy cameras are good at night.

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Ghost Hunting

Have you ever heard of a ghost coming out during the day? We haven’t either. Most sightings happen during the nighttime hours and is usually always missed due to the lack of a better camera. The only other and most effective alternative is night camera. So if your house is haunted, you can gather the proof easier than you think.

Night CamerasWildlife Watching

This form of imagery opens up a whole new world of nocturnal nature. This was a ground-breaking concept, especially for the likes of Sir David Attenborough. As well as capturing amazing wildlife, it can also give a homeowner the opportunity to identify pests entering and inhabiting their garden or property. However, for this purpose an outdoor camera would be most suitable, as they have added fit-for-purpose features such as waterproofing and camouflage.

Where can I get one?

Spy Equipment actually offer the best range of night cameras in the UK. When it comes to quality, our products are of the very best. After all, what would a camera be without quality? You can get one via our online shop.

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What Spy Equipment UK Recommend

Security Light with Camera – a disguised night camera which acts as a dual light is perhaps the most effective product on the market. As it looks and acts as like a light, secretive surveillance has never been better. You can place the camera just outside of the front and back of your house without causing any suspicion.

Spy Pod Outdoor Security Camera: This discreet and self-contained device is battery powered and features an in-built DVR. Due to it’s size and battery life, as well as it’s day & night functionality, this is one of our most flexible outdoor cameras and is highly suitable for a number of different surveillance operations.

HD Field Spy Outdoor/Game Camera – this camera has it all! It’s camouflaged, waterproof, includes motion detectors, ‘invisible’ infrared illuminators, is HD and alerts to the buyer are sent by MMS or email. This can be placed in a wooded or garden area for the best views outside of the home.

4G Outdoor Camouflage Camera: This camera features true day & night capability with ‘invisible’ infrared illuminators and a high-tech motion activation system to capture anyone or thing that enters it’s field of view. It can send ‘live’ video imagery by email to our computer or smartphone for easy monitoring.

So to answer the question of ‘how good are spy cameras at night’, they are not only incredibly good but they are utterly essential. Every household will benefit from night time surveillance and the features mean protection is maintained regarding whatever usage or lifestyle you lead.

Adrian Mudd

Has a night spy camera helped you? Would you recommend any others? Let us know through our social channels.