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New Voice Recorder Is Genius

Adrian Mudd   February 13, 2013

Our new mobile telephone voice recorder is really getting some attention. Not just because it is a great simple to use device for recording Smartphone calls, but because it has other talents that really make it one of those ‘must-have’ spy tools.

It has been a problem that has seen a number of different solutions over the years. Advances in technology have produced a number of different methods for discreetly recording phone calls without that giveaway annoying beeping in the background. This recording device provides the ultimate in phone monitoring and gives you the inside line every time.

Voice Recorder – Going Digital

Before everything went digital the only available products to enable this, and still used today, were mobile telephone recording leads. These devices are essentially a specialist microphone that is formed into an earpiece. This sits in the ear entrance and the phone, landline or mobile, can be placed against the same ear. At the other end of the lead is a jack plug to connect with some sort of recorder. Initially, the recorders were of the cassette tape variety, but these are now fairly rare since everything went gone digital. Although these work well, of course they are a bit fiddly to use as well as carry around.

Another recent addition to the phone recording range arrived a couple of years ago in the form of a recorder that can connect to you mobile by bluetooth. The unit is available on the Spy Equipment UK website. Called the Cell Corder, it provides time and date stamped audio recordings of high quality although in reality it was geared towards those in the Financial Services Industry who need to record their mobile phone calls to comply with legislation.

Recording Device Emergence

Now that Spy Equipment UK has launched a new solution to the same problem. The new unit, called the Genie Spy Recorder, is a versatile recording solution that is not just for recording your mobile calls discreetly. If you have a modern Smartphone, then the Genie recorder is a simple way to record your mobile calls very discreetly and in high quality. The unit simply plugs into the headset 3.5mm port thereby turning it into a headset that sits over the front of the phone. A quick flick of a switch and you will be recording without fuss. In between calls you can record your meetings or even deploy the device to gather what is being said in your absence. With a battery life that defies its size, a very sensitive microphone and a huge 144 hour in-built memory, the Genie Spy Recorder is one that everybody should have in their pocket or handbag.