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Surveillance in the UK

Adrian Mudd   June 10, 2014

The average person is caught on camera over 300 times every day. CCTV cameras have become part of the landscape, we barely notice they are there. Used by shops, councils, hotels and even individuals, there is a demand for covert surveillance like never before.

History of CCTV Cameras & Surveillance Surveillance in the UK cctv cameras

Although it is now considered the norm to be on camera when walking down almost every street, initially people greeted surveillance with skepticism and fear. Olean, New York, was the first city to install CCTV cameras. Placed along the main business street, these cameras were used to fight and deter crime. Later, in 1973, surveillance spy camera technology was implemented in Times Square as a more economically viable alternative to increasing the size of the police force. CCTV wasn’t permanently used in the UK until 1987 in Northfolk. Since the Home Office’s “CCTV: Looking Out For You” campaign in 1994, the use of surveillance cameras to keep civilians safe has become prolific.

Modern Surveillance Solutions

Today, in the wake of terrible terrorist attacks, the general public has become more accepting of the use of CCTV cameras, realising the safety benefits they pose. Now, CCTV cameras are used to capture and record all sorts of crimes. Recently, a truck driver was videod crashing into a gas station, allowing police to move towards determining the cause of the event. Countless shoplifting crimes are caught on camera every day, making businesses considerably more profitable than twenty years ago. Employers can also capture employee misdemeanors on camera with surveillance, and home owners can survey the outside of their properties for interference.

There are a number of different varieties of surveillance camera that can be beneficial to any situation:

Digital Wireless CCTV Cameras

These are the traditional CCTV camera, attached to an outside wall, but our are made clever. Our Digital Wireless CCTV System is simple to instal to the outside of your home. Made up of 4 digital wireless CCTV cameras with infrared capability for night surveillance, and a receiver and recorder built into one 7 inch LCD display tablet. You can remotely control the cameras and watch the footage from anywhere with your LCD tablet, setting it to record 24 hours a day for complete unabridged surveillance. A CCTV camera system will deter potential intruders whilst also record any attempts to access your property. If you believe that prevention beats cure, these cameras, perfect for general safety and security purposes, are for you. The Day / Night CCTV Camera could be for you.

Outdoor Covert Cameras

Outdoor covert cameras can be built into a variety of objects for subtle monitoring. If you believe someone has been trespassing on your property, for instance a suspect neighbour, you may be looking for something that the guilty party will not notice. Our Table Lamp Camera / DVR is exactly what you’re looking for. A tiny covert camera built into a normal-looking outdoor lamp. This device, too, can be used for deterrence – as it functions as a regular security lamp, the sudden light threatening to bring a criminal’s actions into view should be enough to prevent any incidences. It also creates an audible alert to make you aware of any potential threats. However, the criminal will not know that they are being recorded in clear colour imagery, even in the dark due to the halogen light. You can later watch back footage for evidential purposes.

Surveillance Cameras for entertainment

Although CCTV and surveillance is a must for anyone wanting to maintain their personal security in the 21st century, they can also be used for entertainment purposes. Increasingly, homeowners are using cameras like our HD Field Spy camera to record outdoor games and simulate that secret agent experience at home. This camera is camouflaged to fit into your garden, and is motion-detected, so can also be used to watch wildlife at night due to its infrared LEDs. Modernise your weekends with the detective camera experience.

Benefits of a CCTV camera

Currently, only 9% of personal-use consumers buy CCTV cameras to be installed outside their property. However, research has shown that at least 67% of burglaries could be avoided with a simple and affordable surveillance camera. Think about it, what would cost more – buying a CCTV camera or replacing your car? Not only would an outdoor covert camera protect prized possession you have worked so hard to earn, but it also buys you complete peace of mind – and that is priceless. Not only this, but you can keep a permanent eye on nuisance neighbours, suspected partners and even unwanted pests. A surveillance camera will allow you to view evidence remotely at any time and save it for future use.

The use of CCTV and similar methods is predicted to rise by 13.7% until 2018, so now is an important time to be thinking about whether you could benefit from the unrivalled protection of a surveillance camera in your life.